May 9, 2013

Lac Attack Beauxbatons Academy

Base: one coat CND Stickey
Color: four coats Lac Attack Beauxbatons Academy
Top: one coat Gelous
Application: good (out of poor, average, good, excellent)
I purchased Lac Attack Beauxbatons Academy with my money. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.

I love being a nail polish blogger, but sometimes with swatching all of the latest collections, it gets really hard to wear all the polish I really want to wear. For example, I purchased the entire Lac Attack Magical Musings collections back in December when it first came out, and I've only worn two polishes from it!! The Magical Musings collection is based on the Harry Potter books, so I instantly knew I NEEDED the whole thing. I need to make wearing these pretties a priority now! Lac Attack Beauxbatons Academy is the second polish I tried from the Magical Musings collection (Holidays In Hogsmeade was the first). I saw swatches on some blog of this polish worn by itself and I really wanted to wear it that way. The base of this polish is this awesome very pale blue gray jelly and it looks really unique by itself. Beauxbatons Academy has lots of small blue and white glitter, with some yellow and even a few orange-y looking glitters thrown in there.

 Now for the disclaimer: this is four coats of Beauxbatons Academy. The base of this polish is very sheer on the first coat, and still fairly sheer for the 2nd and 3rd. The fourth built it up to a nice level of semi-opacity, where I could see some VNL, but I really liked the squishy appearance. I did not mind doing 4 coats, because the polish applied really well with regular brushstrokes and dried quickly too. But I think most people would want to layer this over another polish so that you don't have to use 4 coats. If you don't mind doing 4 coats though, the effect of the squishy base is totally worth it. It is incredibly gorgeous! I wore this for four days with no chips and hardly any tip wear. This is an impressive feat for me, as nothing lasts very long on my nails. I usually want to wear something else after wearing a mani for a day, or it chips after a day or two. But I really enjoyed wearing this one!

Lac Attack polishes are available on The Magical Musings polishes appear to be sold out right now, but I know she said she would continue to make them until no one wanted them anymore, which is totally awesome of her! I hate when awesome things are LE and people who REALLY want them can't get them. She announces restocks on her Facebook page.

Also, Lac Attack is having a really cool contest where fans can submit ideas for her summer collection. I think I might submit an idea myself!! Check out the details here.

I purchased Lac Attack Beauxbatons Academy with my money. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.

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