January 10, 2013

Nicole by OPI Modern Family Part One!

Base: one coat Zoya Get Even
Color: two coats Nicole by OPI Candid Cameron
Top: one coat Poshe
Application: excellent (out of poor, average, good, excellent)

Once again, I must apologize for swatching a large collection in several different posts. I do use only natural light for my pictures, and natural light is limited in Connecticut this time of year. I do have four of the Nicole by OPI Modern Family polishes for your enjoyment today! I saw some talk when this collection was announced that some people didn't understand the connection between Modern Family and nail polish. Honestly though, haven't there been a ton of TV and movie-themed collections that had no real connection to polish? Spiderman? I like the show Modern Family and I love nail polish, so I was excited to check these out. The first one I tried, Nicole by OPI Candid Cameron, did not disappoint! Candid Cameron is a blue-ish teal with a slight green duochrome.  In person, the green is a bit more visible. I think you can see it best in the close-up above on the left side.

This is two coats of Candid Cameron and the coverage was great. The formula was nice and smooth. No troubles to speak of! Try to see this one in person, when you look at the bottle you will see the green better than my pictures show you. In my pictures, this looks close to something like OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It!, but it's way more green.

Base: one coat Zoya Get Even
Color: three coats Nicole by OPI A Phil's Paradise
Top: one coat Poshe
Application: good (out of poor, average, good, excellent)

Nicole by OPI A Phil's Paradise didn't excite me in the original promo pictures, but we should know by now that those aren't accurate! A Phil's Paradise is a graphite chunky shimmer, one of those cool finishes where you can see every little shimmer fleck. It reminded me of swatches I saw of Chanel Graphite (released with Peridot). I don't own Graphite, but I do own the Revlon dupe of Graphite (Carbonite), so I compared them for you in this terrible picture below. (This was after I finished all of my swatching for the day and the light was gone and my cuticles were shot). Two coats of Revlon Carbonite on the left, three coats of Nicole by OPI A Phil's Paradise on the right. Carbonite is a bit more dense and leans more gold. A Phil's Paradise is cooler in tone and a bit more sheer. But very close. I like the more pewter feel of A Phil's Paradise!

This is three coats of A Phil's Paradise. It was not opaque at two coats, so I definitely needed the third. The formula was good, not the most amazing I've tried from Nicole by OPI, but solid. This is a gorgeous polish! If you missed Graphite and Carbonite, definitely grab this! If you got Carbonite and want something cooler and more silver, check this out.

Base: one coat Zoya Get Even
Color: three coats Nicole by OPI Alex By the Books
Top: one coat Poshe
Application: good (out of poor, average, good, excellent)

Out of the whole Modern Family collection, I have been looking forward to Nicole by OPI Alex By the Books the most!! I am really into mint colored things right now (I'm dying for mint skinny jeans, but I think my large dancer's legs would look pretty hideous in them...). I have a hard time wearing most mint polishes without the dreaded lobster hands (I usually wear them anyway!). Alex By the Books did not give me really terrible lobster hands (just slight lobsters... maybe more like baby crabs), so I'm kind of psyched about it. I will definitely be rocking this all spring!!

This is three coats of Alex By the Books. As pastel cremes go, the formula was pretty good. The first coat was maybe a tad streaky, but by three coats it was lovely and smooth. I did think I needed the third coat for opacity and to smooth out any remaining streaks. It also was a tad thicker than some Nicole by OPI cremes, but not to the point that it was hard to apply.

Base: one coat Zoya Get Even
Color: three coats Nicole by OPI Haley Good Lookin'
Top: one coat Poshe
Application: good (out of poor, average, good, excellent)

Nicole by OPI Haley Good Lookin' is probably meant to be a top coat, but I wanted to try it on it's own. It worked perfectly fine and looks lovely alone, so I'm glad I tried it! Haley Good Lookin' is a mix of small pink glitters and medium-sized pink holo hex glitters in a clear base. I LOVE those pink holo hexes!! So cute! I feel like holo hex glitter is normally silver, so it's cool to see it in pink.

This is three coats of Haley Good Lookin'. It looked a bit more dense in person, so it was pretty good coverage. The glitter was nice and dense and the base was not too thick. One or two coats over darker pink, black or purple would also be lovely!

I took this picture below to show you that all of those hex glitters are actually holo, not just pink. The rainbow-y pink hexes peeking out in the pink glitter are really pretty!

My favorite polish of these four is definitely Alex By the Books, just because I'm in such a mint phase. The other three are excellent polishes as well. I love pewter colors like A Phil's Paradise, so that's probably my second favorite. Which of the four are you liking best? All of them? Haha, I won't judge!

Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquers and Nail Treatments contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde. Nicole by OPI formulas are long-lasting, fast-drying, and salon-quality.
Modern Family lacquers are available now for $7.99 each at retailers including select Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, Kroger, ULTA, H-E-B, Meijer and Duane Reade locations. In Canada, this line will be available for $10.99 each at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart Canada, Jean Coutu, Loblaw, and London Drug.
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Angie D said...

Nice pictures!! Lest we forget Pirates of the Carribbean!! Lol :)

Never Enough Nails said...

Haha, so true Angie! What on earth did Pirates have to do with nail polish?? I wasn't complaining about that one either though, cause I love those movies ;)

Kimberley said...

I wore Candid Cameron today - it's really pretty!

E Lim said...

Wow!!! These nail colors are all so pretty. Love the colors and the glitters. They all look so elegant and classy which are perfect for any occasion.

Elizabeth said...

Haha, baby crabs! Mints and light aquas lobster me too, but I just can't resist them (not that I try very hard ;p). Really liking the look of A Phil's Paradise! Just like you said, Graphite, only more silver-toned. Pretty!! :D

Never Enough Nails said...

I saw your post TikiBarbie! I really love Candid Cameron, I think I'm going to wear it on my toes this weekend!

E Lim, they are super pretty! I love that they feel fresh for spring, but they aren't the usual pastels! Do you think you'll get any of these?

I just try to ignore the lobster effect Elizabeth! The mints and aquas are too pretty, I can't not wear them! And yes, A Phil's Paradise is very cool looking!

Anonymous said...

I love Alex by the books from these ones :D Lovely!

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too Polishalcoholic! It's different than other minty polishes I have too!