January 8, 2013

Lynnderella Tricky Little Treat

Base: one coat CND Stickey
Color: two coats Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum, two coats Lynnderella Tricky Little Treat
Top: one coat Gelous, one coat NYC Grand Central Station
Application: good (out of poor, average, good, excellent)

When I have a really tough week ahead of me, I like to put something extra special on my nails so that I have something fun to look at when I am exhausted every day. I knew this week was going to stink, so I decided it was time to wear Lynnderella Tricky Little Treat. Tricky Little Treat is a limited edition Lynnderella and I only own a few of those, so they are very special to me. TLT is a gorgeous mix of glitters, including moons and both large and tiny stars! The overall cast of the polish looks kinda purple-y blue to me, so I decided to layer it over my latest favorite purple, Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum

Above is my left thumb nail, a nail that you rarely get to see! But it got a silver holo moon and one of those cute baby stars, so I had to show you!

My camera failed at capturing the true sparkliness of this polish. All the tiny glitters are really sparkly and some are even holo, so the overall effect is stunning. I think my camera was confused by all of the sparkle, it gets that way sometimes. I got two of these large silver holo stars (below) on my right hand, so I had to show you one! Of course, I got all of the cool shapes on nails that are hard to photograph.

I did find that Tricky Little Treat applied best when I dabbed it on, as some very glitter-heavy polishes do. This is two dabbed coats, so the coverage was very good. The large glitter pieces all laid nice and flat on my nails too, no curling or sticking up in places. With one coat of Gelous, this was perfectly smooth. I used the NYC GCS to dry the whole shebang quickly.

Tricky Little Treat is the perfect treat for my nails during a week like this. I need something entertaining and sparkly to make me happy! What do you put on your nails when you need encouragement to make it through the week?

Lynnderella Tricky Little Treat is a limited edition polish. It pops up on Lynnderella's eBay store from time to time in an auction-style format.

Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum was sent for review. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.


Anonymous said...

I like your posts but I feel like lately there are so many indie glitters that are amazing and I'm seeing only Lynns here. :(

Angie D said...

Keep bringing on the Lynn's!! Some of us love them :)

Never Enough Nails said...

Well Anonymous, I have some Candeo Colors posts coming, more Pretty and Polished, and a Crows Toes as well. Unfortunately, I purchase most of the indies shown on here, rather than getting them for free like some blogs do, so I spend my hard earned money on polishes I really love. I'm sure you can understand that.

Thanks Angie! I post my Lynns because I know there are lots of people who do love them!

CuriousCreature said...

I saw a post on Purse Forum and decided to stop by. Beautiful work by the way. I have Lynn's too. Also just collected Claire's Candy Shop (yes Claire's) which is a dupe of Deborah Lippman's Candy Shop. It can be found at Claire's.com under "glitter nail polish" of all things- no name just choose the pink one. It's $2.50 on sale. I'd really like to see a blog look at Claire's nail polish. Robin Moses really likes it and I have a scattered holo from them that's out of this world "Night Sky". I'm on day 8 with very little signs of wear and have a UV top coat on it. Compliments galore.

Never Enough Nails said...

Hi CuriousCreature, I'm glad you found your way here! I've been wanting that Claire's polish, funny that you mention it. The Claire's near me never has any of their good polish, I'm not sure why. And until you mentioned it, I didn't know they were sold online! I will definitely check that out, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand that. I have to buy all my own nail polish too.