December 26, 2012

One More Christmas NOTD with OMG Nail Strips!

There are a TON of fun things about being a blogger and one of them is getting to try new brands and products. OMG Nail Strips is a new website that sells nail polish stickers. They contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing some of their polish stickers, and I really had a hard time picking just one design to try. OMG Nail Strips has a HUGE selection of really cool and unique designs, ranging from fantastic animal prints to patriotic and holiday-themed stickers. Aside from the excellent designs, OMG Nail Strips are only $4.29, with free shipping on ALL orders, less than half the price of most other nail stickers!

I selected my design a few weeks ago, so I was in a Christmas nail mood. I selected these red foil stickers with white Christmas trees. These are SO cute! Foil nail stickers are sometimes much harder to apply than regular polish stickers, but they always look extra beautiful when they're done. OMG Nail Strips gave me some application tips to make the process easier, and I have a few to add to this list also.

1. Clean and manicure nails and cuticles prior to applying nail strips
2. Peel nail strips from the flat side of the strip, the rounded side
will be placed just above your cuticles.
   (If you have shorter nails you may want to cut the nail strips to
length leaving about 3/4" hanging off the tip of your nail)
3. Place the round side of the nail strip at the base of your cuticle,
Applying pressure from the middle of the cuticle press around in one
direction and then the other.
4. Holding the nail strip at the cuticle base stretch the nail strip
over the tip of the nail while smoothing out any creases on the side
of the nail.
5. Using a cuticle pusher tuck the nail foil in along the cuticle base.
6. Hold your nail so it is facing up and with a thin nail file, filing
in a (downward only) direction remove the excess nail foil from the
tip and around the sides of your nail.
7. Now that your nail foil is applied use a hair dryer on high heat
and your finger to smooth out any remaining imperfections.
(for Nail Polish Stickers heat is not necessary)

I would also recommend warming the sticker up with the hair dryer BEFORE you apply it. I find it makes it lay more smoothly. I used nail clippers instead of scissors to clip the excess strip (before filing). I find scissors to be harder to control. The excess strip filed off pretty easily with these stickers, so that wasn't difficult at all. I did get a bump on my ring finger nail that I couldn't smooth out all the way, but other than that, they were pretty smooth. If you're noticing that the trees are too big to fit on my nails, I have to mention that there were two smaller sized strips. I messed up my application with those first two and had to toss them. The sizing would have been much better had I not messed up the first time! Also, other OMG Nail Strips have just overall patterns, so those of us with small nail beds might want to stick with those.

Overall, I like these strips a lot. Foil stickers are often very hard to use, and almost unwearable. I could actually apply these without too much trouble and I could (and did!) wear them for a few days. I think I'll be ordering some of OMG Nail Strips regular polish stickers to try. I would love to see how they compare to other more expensive brands. They certainly have more interesting designs than some pricey brands!

OMG Nail Strips are available online at

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Sarah J. said...

These look pretty cool. But what a pity the trees are so big. They wouldn't fit an my nails either :/

Never Enough Nails said...

There were 2 smaller strips that I messed up my application on, so the sizing would have been better had I not messed those up. I totally forgot to mention this and will edit my post to include this!

Heather @ Peace, Love & Polish said...

These are adorable, I love the design!

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too Heather! So cute for Christmas!