October 19, 2012

Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Cream: A Reason to Invent Smell-o-Vision

I hope you'll excuse the momentary departure from nail polish. Some of my readers who've been around for awhile already know that occasionally I do post make-up/beauty products here, but only when I think they're EXCELLENT and that you need to know about them! This Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Cream totally fits that bill. You NEED to know about this cream.

Farmhouse Fresh is a new-to-me brand, but I've kind of been eyeing it for awhile. I believe I saw one of their products in a magazine and it sounded so yummy. I spotted the Whoopie Cream while browsing Apothica.com last week and knew I needed it. "Delight in the aroma of moist layer cake and white velvet cream"? Uh, yes, please. Just so you know, my taste in scents definitely runs to the sweet treats/tasty food category. My favorite scents mostly all involve vanilla, caramel, etc. If you hate foodie scents, you probably won't like this particular cream.

Now here is where I wish Smell-o-Vision existed. I can not possibly explain the mouthwatering aroma of this cream. It really does smell like a delicious chocolate layer cake with rich vanilla cream filling. The smell lingers for quite a long time too, but not in a gross way. I LOVE the smell of this cream, and apparently it comes in a hand cream and a candle too!! I'm really going to have to check out that candle!

On top of the amazing scent, this cream is thick and rich (see above picture!) and really moisturizing. It contains shea and cocoa butter, jojoba oil, aloe and Vitamin E. I have already used it a bunch of times and will definitely re-purchase when I run out. A little of this cream seems to go a long way though, so I think it will last me awhile. Whoopie Cream makes me want to try other Farmhouse Fresh products, and I'm eyeing their Caramel Body Milk for my next purchase!

Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Cream is available online at Apothica.com.

Product purchased with funds provided to me by my sponsor, SkinCareRx.com.

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