October 13, 2012

An Early Halloween Treat: Lynnderella UnDead Red

Base: one coat Zoya Get Even
Color: two coats Zoya Carrie Ann, two coats Lynnderella UnDead Red
Top: one coat Gelous, one coat Seche Vite
Application: Good  (out of poor, average, good, excellent)

I had a really hard time deciding which Lynnderella Early Halloween Resurrected polish to wear first. In an interesting twist, I picked the red!!! I haven't worn red on my nails since Christmas LOL, but Lynnderella UnDead Red has been calling my name since I first saw the collection. Lynnderella's description of UnDead Red is better than anything I could come up with, so here it is: "a complicated mix of metallic and matte reds as well as holographic and iridescent blue glitters in a red base. Ever so slightly warmer red than Ruby Red Ruby." 

For someone who doesn't really like red polish, I LOVE UnDead Red. It's the combination of metallic, matte and holo glitters that gets me I think. I wanted to use matching undies this time, so I layered on two coats of Zoya Carrie Ann as my base. UnDead Red was very easy to apply and only needed two coats. I used normal brushstrokes, except when I got a big matte red square on the brush. You can see this square on my pinkie nail. When I encountered one of these, I just dabbed it into place.

The Lynnderella Early Halloween Resurrected is available on eBay now. You can contact Paul to set up a custom set, or they have pick 3's, 4's, etc. available now! I love that buying Lynnderellas has become so many easier!


The Lacquer Tracker said...

Wowza! I love the mish-mash of different glitters in this!

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too! There's also a ton of teeny bitty iridescent blue glitter that looks awesome in person!