July 27, 2012

Sally Hansen Polar Purple Magnetic Polish!

I recently received three of the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colors for review, and I was excited to try them out! I admit, I haven't been into the magnetic polish trend, so this was my first experience with magnetic polish. Sally Hansen was a great choice for my first try, as the polish is easy to use and they provide clear directions right on the bottle. I decided to try Sally Hansen Polar Purple first.

I followed the directions exactly, starting by applying one coat of base coat and then one coat of the polish to all 10 nails. Then, I applied a second coat of polish to only one nail and held the magnet over just that nail for 10 seconds. The Sally Hansen polishes have a plastic guide that sticks up over the magnet and you actually rest that guide on your finger, just below your cuticle. That way, the magnet won't actually touch your polish, but it gets really close to the nail. I think that little guide is a brilliant invention, as you don't have to try to hold the magnet close without smudging your polish. You can actually set the guide down on your finger.

The magnet worked really well and I love the swoopy pattern it created. The polish itself is actually really beautiful too, so nice and shimmery.

After using Sally Hansen Polar Purple, I can't really figure out why I didn't like magnetic polish earlier! It's easy to do and looks really cool. I will definitely be wearing these a lot, and I hope the trend lasts for awhile since I'm just getting into it! If you're like me and think you don't like this trend, you should pick up one of the Sally Hansens. It's a budget-friendly way to test out the look, and maybe discover that you actually like it!

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color is available now at a drugstore near you!

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