July 7, 2012

Lynnderlayer- Chocolotta Love and Zoya Marilyn!

Whoa, three Lynnderella posts in a row! I should post something else, but I mentioned the other day that I had a Lynnderella Chocolotta Love layering idea that I couldn't wait to try and here it is!! I love the color combo of chocolate brown and pale pink, so I decided to try it with Chocolotta Love!

This is two coats of Zoya Marilyn, a very pale shimmery pink and two thin coats of Lynnderella Chocolotta Love. I really enjoyed wearing these two polishes together. I think it makes for a different look than others have tried with Chocolotta Love. I have lots of polishes I want to try it over in the winter (Essie Lady Godiva, Zoya Cola, etc.), but since it's summer, I wanted something lighter. This would probably be amazing with a super pale baby blue also.

Now you've seen every Lynnderella I own, so I won't be posting any more until I (hopefully) obtain some new ones (or come up with a groundbreaking Lynnderlayer).

For information about purchasing Lynnderella polish, check out her blog or her Ebay.


Heather @ Peace, Love & Polish said...

I love it! Makes me want chocolate :)

Never Enough Nails said...

It makes me want strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips, haha! I love when polish reminds me of treats!

Easy Nail Designs In Black and White said...

I love the chocholate love polish! It's one of the more unique indie glitter polishes I've come across recently and on top of the base color you chose, it looks absolutely stunning.

Never Enough Nails said...

Easy Nail Designs- thank you and I agree this one is really unique! I don't have anything like it!