November 9, 2010

Polish of the Week: Ulta Total Eclipse

I have a couple of Ulta polishes to review for you over the next few days. I'm starting with a really cool super dark grey called Total Eclipse. It looks almost black in some lights, but is way more flattering than harsh black polish. This picture does not do the polish justice, as it was raining and cloudy when I took it.

This is my first experience with Ulta's own brand of polish and it was a pretty good one! I love this color and the formula was easy to work with. This is three coats, but you could easily do two. I am not the biggest fan of Ulta's wear time. This polish seemed to chip quickly, about one day after application.

I'll definitely try to get a better picture of Total Eclipse when I post the next Ulta polish!

Ulta polish retails for $7.50, but they always have sales and deals on it. Right now, Ulta polish is buy one get one free on


Zara said...

This looks really nice!

Jamie(the amazing) said...

i love it!! i have an ulta polish like and its fun to wearr!!:)