August 25, 2010

OPI Swiss Fall 2010 Polishes

I learned a lesson today when I was swatching the three OPI polishes I got from the Swiss collection. A lot of times, I look at big collections like the Swiss collection, and I'm disappointing when I don't LOVE every single one of the polishes. BUT... I got three from the Swiss collection and absolutely am obsessed with all three!! So, maybe companies can't crank out collection after collection where every person loves every polish, but if you find three real gems in a collection, maybe it's still a winner.

OPI Diva in Geneva, two coats, no flash

On to the goods! First up we have my favorite, Diva in Geneva. GORGEOUS!!!!! This is a stunning pinky-purple shimmer that is a little bit blackened-looking. It's purple, but definitely has a healthy dose of magenta thrown in there. I think this is one of my favorite OPI polishes since last year Holiday collection (I'm looking at you, Merry Midnight). I can not WAIT to rock this polish in the fall and winter. It would even still look hot in Spring. Shown is two coats. Application was perfect. LOVE. This is a MUST HAVE!

OPI Diva in Geneva, two coats, no flash

OPI Diva in Geneva, two coats- this is kind of a bad picture, but I think it captures the slightly blackened feeling I mentioned

OPI William Tell Me About OPI, two coats, no flash

William Tell Me About OPI is another winner, in my opinion. It's a blackened purple/red creme. I have heard that it's close to Lincoln Park After Dark, but I actually don't own that. From what I've seen of LPAD, this is slightly less black-looking. You can actually tell that this polish is not black, but deep deep wine colored. Again, application was great and it only needed two coats. This is a Must Have if you don't own LPAD.

OPI William Tell Me About OPI, two coats, no flash

OPI Glitzerland, three coats, no flash

Finally, we have Glitzerland. Gold shimmer polish isn't exactly groundbreaking, but I love gold polish. Glitzerland is also slightly different than some other gold shimmers I own. The shimmer looks like individual pieces almost, instead of all mixed in, or something I can't describe. I had to do three coats of this one, but I think it's worth it. Very pretty. If you like gold polish, Glitzerland is a Must Have.

OPI Glitzerland, three coats, no flash

Overall, OPI just has the best formula, in my opinion, and I am REALLY happy with these three polishes. They're unique in my collection and all colors I love to wear in the fall. I think I might pick up Lucertaine-ly Look Marvelous and Yodel Me on My Cell also. They sat on my dresser during the 200 Follower Giveaway, and I was sad to mail them away LOL. Anyway, I think my opinion of the OPI Swiss Collection is more favorable than it was in the beginning. It's a solid collection, with something for everyone, so check it out!

The OPI Swiss Collection is available at your local Ulta store.


Aurora's Nails said...

Mmmm, pretty colors! Haha. And they look super with your nails at that length, by the way!

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks! I liked that length too! My nails are short again though. I like to change it up often!