August 20, 2010

Dud of the Week: Orly Space Cadet

Orly Space Cadet, three coats, with flash

I was really excited for the Orly Cosmix Collection. Then, I started to see the posts that showed all the dupes for the Orly Cosmix. That was my first disappointment. If you're going to charge $10 because a polish's formula is so unique, you had better make sure it really is unique.

Despite my first disappointment, I still purchased Orly Space Cadet. I didn't see a dupe for it, and duochromes always catch my eye. When it arrived, it looked gorgeous in the bottle!! But, my second disappointment came when I put it on my nails. It's so sheer!!!! All of these pictures are three coats and you can see VNL all over the place. Aside from just being sheer, the polish turns an odd blue color at the tips of my nails. You can see this clearly in the first picture with flash. The green, gold and pink duochrome is cool-looking, but the blue tips are really throwing it off for me.

Orly Space Cadet, three coats, no flash

The formula dried pretty quickly, but I feel like it's kind of patchy. It's more sheer in some spots than others. I like the concept of this polish, but the delivery isn't there. It is NOT worth $10 in my opinion. Nubar Wildlife is a better option if you're looking for the green/gold/pink duochrome.

Orly Space Cadet, three coats

I had planned for this polish to be Polish of the Week, since I was so excited about it at first. But I have named it "Dud of the Week", due to it's inability to live up to my expectations. Boo Hiss.

Orly Space Cadet is available online at Transdesign and at your local Ulta.

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Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Mine was very opaque in two coats. I'm so sorry yours was a dud. :o(

Never Enough Nails said...

Maybe I got a bad bottle then, Laura? It is strange because I read a few other reviews saying how opaque these are! I don't really feel like buying it again though. What if I got another bad bottle?

Skulda said...

Maybe try layering it over an olive green or a black. That should help it become opaque. I'm sorry you are having trouble with it.

Never Enough Nails said...

Yea I thought of layering. I just don't think I should HAVE to layer a polish like this, kwim?

Anonymous said...

It's still not worth the $10. I'll get it if it goes on sale but Space Cadet is the only one that doesn't really have any dupes. I think I still fancy Zoya's Edyta over Orly's Space Cadet though.

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

With my luck...if I got a dudsy bottle, and tried another, that one would be a dud as well. I wouldn't spend the money. You can test out the Venomous Villain dupe at the M.A.C. store when it is released, and maybe that will be better. That way you can always sell your Space Cadet or do what I do and throw in polishes that don't work for me into my friends' gifts. I like to tie them on top of the boxes with the ribbon I use around the box.

misscarley said...

I really was hoping these would be the polishes that dreams were made of, especially going by those promo pictures that were first released a while ago.

I felt super underwhelmed and let down when I finally saw swatches. Maybe that's why I haven't gotten my hands on any yet :(

Never Enough Nails said...

kittypolishnbags- From my experience, Zoya Edyta is much better than Space Cadet. And cheaper too!! I agree this was not worth the $10.

Laura- that's exactly what I'm afraid of. What if I spent another $10 and got the exact same thing? That would stink. I am SOOOOO excited for Venomous Villains, I will definitely be trying all three of those polishes! Great idea about including polishes in a friend's gift! I might do that!

misscarley- I know!!! I thought those promo pics were amazing looking!! Every single polish looked unbelievable. After seeing the swatches, I only bought this one and even that was disappointing! Blah!

Unknown said...

So sorry to here it is soo thin :(

Never Enough Nails said...

Jackie- It is a bit disappointing! I'll try it over black though, in case anyone else has a bad bottle like me!