November 1, 2021

Zoya Sunset Palette Swatches & Review!


*Sent for review*

Halloween has past and November is here! Today I have the ultimate Thanksgiving nail polish collection- the Sunset Palette from Zoya! I can't wait to wear these polishes as a skittle mani on Thanksgiving, they are THE quintessential fall colors. 

Zoya Colin is a warm milk chocolate-y brown creme with red undertones. If you're doing nail art, this would be a perfect color for a turkey 🦃! I love how this looks on my skin tone, but I'd imagine it would look great on a variety of skin tones. 

This is two coats and the application was excellent. The formula is a great consistency and self-levels perfectly. I used a layer of shiny top coat in all swatches in this post.

If Colin is a milk chocolate brown, Zoya Dionne is a dark chocolate creme with a little wink of purple-red tone. Dionne is so rich and smooth looking. It has me thinking of a chocolate ganache cake from this local bakery, yum! 

Again, two super easy coats. This one could almost be a one coater if you do thicker coats. Great application!

Zoya Cory is a deep spiced pumpkin creme. It's not a cheesy tacky pumpkin color, more of a luxurious pumpkin with a lot of spices mixed in. This one really screams FALL to me and I love it. Cory would be perfect for some nail art with fall leaves.

Another excellent two coater! I was very happy with the formulas in this whole collection.

I love yellow polish, so I knew I would love Zoya Honey. I think I love it even more than I anticipated though, it's the perfect yellow for fall. Zoya describes it as a "warm, golden honeycomb cream". It's not mustard-y, it's a little more crisp and clean than a mustard. But it's also clearly not a summer yellow. LOVE it!!

This was two coats!! Yay!! A yellow with a good formula always has a special place in my heart. Look at how smooth it is and it was easy to apply, no complaints.

Zoya Jackie is a beautiful brick red creme with lots of rusty orange tones. This is another perfect color for the season. Very flattering and a little 70's feeling.

Two easy coats, no fuss! Zoya's creme formula has been so spot on and reliable in recent years. It's really nice to be able to count on them for having flawless cremes.

The Sunset palette also includes Zoya Hot Lips gloss in Anonymous. I had never tried the Hot Lips gloss before and I really love it! It smells great, a little fruity but not overly sweet. The scent also fades, so it's not a big deal if you don't like it. It's nicely glossy but doesn't feel sticky. Anonymous is a gorgeous raspberry color with golden shimmer. You can apply a little for a sheer tint, or a bit more for more color. I will definitely be trying more Hot Lips glosses now.

Zoya sent this little info sheet with the Sunset Palette. Some of these things I knew, but thought it was interesting to see them all together. It makes me happy to support a company doing all of these things!

Each shade in the Zoya Sunset palette stands alone and would be a worthwhile purchase. All five together are THE perfect fall palette and a must for any fall polish lover. I love the shades they chose to include and can't wait to wear all 5 together. 

The Zoya Sunset Palette is available now at

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