May 5, 2022

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer What's the 411 Collection Swatches & Review

*Collection purchased with blogger discount*

I'm a little late with this post, but better late than never. I have the 90's inspired Octopus Party What's the 411? Collection for you today! This is the perfect group of pastel neon cremes for summer. They are all completely opaque in 2-3 coats, require no white base and apply evenly with no streaks! As a lover of all neon polish, this collection is my dream come true. 

Let's start off with the best neon yellow I have ever encountered- Octopus Party Fierce. This is a true highlighter yellow, bright and sunny. Like most neons, it was hard to photograph but I think the picture below is the most color accurate. More yellow and less green tones than the two photos above. There is a slight green tone, but to the eye it's predominantly yellow.


Fierce was easy to apply and streak-free. This is three thin coats, but if you do thicker coats it would be fairly opaque in two. Like all of the colors in this collection, no white base was needed! Yellows and neons are both notoriously fussy and this was a dream to apply! It also looks amazing with one layer of matte top coat, as pictured below.                             

Octopus Party Money is a pastel neon lime green creme. Money is an amazing shade, I have definitely been needing this in my collection without realizing it. It's very saturated and I can't think of a similar color. It almost has a touch of a minty tone to it, like neon spearmint maybe. I love these pastel neons because they're super bright, but they also have a bit of a soft look to them, not harsh at all.

This was two easy coats. Money is nicely opaque and great to work with. I absolutely love it matte, as you can see in the picture below. For all of the matte swatches in this post, I used one layer of OPI Matte Top Coat.

Alright I think this might be my absolute favorite of the collection! Octopus Party Phat is a pastel neon coral. If you've ever read this blog before, you know that I am obsessed with coral polish in the summer. This is the perfect coral, a nice balance of pink and orange tones. It's bright, but soft feeling too. It will be flattering on a huge variety of skin tones. Depending on the lighting, it can lean more orange or more pink. I can't wait to wear this on my toes too. I'll definitely be rocking it many times this spring and summer!

This is two coats of Phat and it was a dream to apply. The consistency of these polishes is near perfect. Not too thick, not to thin and self-leveling to the max. Look at Phat with the matte top coat!!! So so amazing! This collection has reminded me to break out that matte top coat more often.

Next up is Octopus Party Rad, a rain cloud blue creme. Rad is a powdery blue with a hint of gray undertones. It makes me think of a rainy spring day that still has some hints of sunlight peeking through. This one is more pastel than neon, but still has a pop of brightness. 

Two coats of Rad is nicely opaque. I love this one matte! Looks so good and powdery!

Second favorite alert! Octopus Party Down is a bright near neon turquoise creme. Sign me up to swim in these waters, I'm in love. Like a few of the others, this isn't all the way to neon. It's bright but still has a soft quality to it that makes it so pretty! Just a gorgeous shade for spring and summer!

Down is pretty opaque in two coats. I did a third thin coat on this one just for the extra punch of color. The formula is near perfection, like the others in this collection. It also looks amazing matte! 

Octopus Party Bomb is the perfect Barbie pink creme. I don't even like or wear pink polish normally, but I love this and I've already worn it once on my nails and once on my toes! It looks like cotton candy or saltwater taffy, just all of those summer treats right on your nails. Look no further for your perfect pink creme!

Two coats and easy to apply!  Gotta love a collection with a consistently amazing formula.

Octopus Party Fly is a clear sky blue creme. Picture the sky on the brightest most beautiful summer day and this is the polish to match. On a personal note, this color matches the color of my stand up paddle board paddle and I can't wait to wear it while paddling this summer!

This is two coats. Check it out matte, so cool!!

Octopus Party Dope is just the prettiest purple polish I own. This is such a dreamy creamy lilac that is the perfect combination of neon and pastel. It's quite bright, but soft and flattering too! I wore this on my nails for about a week and it's also been on my toes for almost two weeks now! I just don't want to take it off. Two easy coats for this one.

This is how I wore Dope on my nails, with one coat of Octopus Party Plucky Charms, a recently released flakie polish with pretty rainbow flakies. Such a perfect spring look! Dope also looks beautiful with a matte top coat. 

Here's the full collection info. Pre-order ends Saturday, so make sure you get those orders in now! Join the OctoSquad fan group on Facebook to order.

Pre-order 4.22.2022 - 5.7.2022
☀️ SALE ☀️
Pre-order the entire collection for $100
Bomb 👛 ($13.50): taffy pink cream. Opaque in 2 coats.
Phat 🍑 ($13.50): salmon cream. Opaque in 2-3 coats.
Fierce ⚠️ ($13.50): lemon cream. Opaque in 2-3 coats. 
Money 🎾 ($13.50): chartreuse cream. Opaque in 2-3 coats.
Down 👗 ($13.50): turquoise cream. Opaque in 2 coats. 
Fly 🦋 ($13.50): sky blue cream. Opaque in 2 coats.
Rad 🥏 ($13.50): ultramarine cream. Opaque in 2 coats. 
Dope ☂️ ($13.50): lilac cream. Opaque in 2 coats.

$10 Domestic for the entire collection
$24 Canadian for the entire collection
$4 Domestic for 1 bottle
$0.50 for each additional bottle
$14 Canadian
$1 for each additional bottle

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