October 1, 2021

Zoya Sunset Palette Preview!


These just look SO PERFECT for fall! I can't wait!



The perfect assortment of five new gradient shades.


·         ZP1121 Honey – can be described as a warm, golden honeycomb cream.

·         ZP1122 Cory – can be described as an amber cream. 

·         ZP1123 Jackie – can be described as a brick red cream.

·         ZP1124 Colin – can be described as a walnut brown cream with a hint of red. 

  • ZP1125 Dionne – can be described as a deep brunette brown cream with the slightest kiss of wine undertones. 




·         ZLHL54 - ANONYMOUS HOT LIPS LIP GLOSS – Can be best described as a gorgeous deep raspberry with glistening gold shimmer. Zoya Hot Lips Lip Gloss applies like silk and has a sweet scent and flavor. All Zoya Hot Lips colors are free of parabens. 






September 25, 2021

China Glaze Havana Nights Summer 2021 Collection

*Purchased by me*

Alright I know summer is over and fall is here already, but I've been meaning to post these for weeks. I got  SO MUCH use out of the neons from the China Glaze Havana Nights collection this summer. I wore these colors repeatedly, so it's only right that I share them with you. And then we can move on to fall stuff.  China Glaze Cuba Diving is a bright neon sky blue. This was one of my favorite in the collection. It's so happy and fun. The formula is also absolutely fabulous. It only needs two coats max (I wore it in one coat sometimes when I was in a rush!). It applies smoothly and is a nice consistency. These are all neons, so I have one layer of shiny top coat on in all of these pictures, as they dry to a more satin finish.

China Glaze Left My Heart in Havana is a bright neon purple with pinky undertones. China Glaze has done this sort of color before and they happen to do it really well. Super fun and great summer color! The formula was very good for this one two. Two coats and nice application.

China Glaze Tropic Like It's Hot is a bright yellow green creme. My photos look a bit too green. It is more yellow in person, although it does have strong green undertones. I am so impressed with the formula of this one. Yellows in general and neons in general can have fussy formulas. Tropic Like It's Hot was easy to use and opaque in two coats! If you do thinner coats you may want a third, but I didn't need one. I did not have any trouble with this being streaky, it's very nice and smooth. My new favorite neon yellow green for sure!

I LOVE the color and shimmer of China Glaze Takes Two to Mango. The bright citrus orange pop with golden shimmer is so perfect! However, this is the only polish in the collection that had a bit of a weird formula. It was a little on the thick side and also applied unevenly. I did still wear it a lot because the color was really worth the effort. With a good layer of top coat, it all smoothed out nicely anyway.

China Glaze Guava Mama is my second favorite in the collection and my new #1 pink polish ever. It's such a bright, saturated neon pink with a hint of coral. It makes me happy just looking at it! The formula was excellent for this one too. Two coats, very easy application. 

The final polish in the collection is China Glaze Head to Moji-toes. I was originally going to skip that shade, but ended up purchasing it because I loved the rest of the collection so much. So I will be posting that one soon too! It's a darker neon turquoise and you definitely can rock it into the fall.

Did you get any of the China Glaze Havana Nights polishes? If you love neons like I do, they are definitely amazing! I got mine at Polish Pick.

September 8, 2021

Zoya Rose Palette Fall 2021 Preview!



A collection of 5 new gradient shades. 


·         ZP1116 Palmer – can be described as a brilliant blush cream.

·         ZP1117 Marcia – can be described as a warm French rose cream.

·         ZP1118 Maggie – can be described as a Persian red cream.

·         ZP1119 Rochelle – can be described as a deepened maroon red cream. 

  • ZP1120 Suzie – can be described as a dark cherry red cream.




·         ZLHL56 - STARLET HOT LIPS LIP GLOSS – can best be as a sparkling copper magenta.

A revolutionary combination of lip color + therapy in one easy product. Zoya Hot Lips Lip Gloss applies like silk and has a sweet scent and flavor. All Zoya Hot Lips colors are free of parabens. 


July 28, 2021

Zoya Nostalgic Fall 2021 Preview




The Nostalgic collection has arrived for Fall 2021, bringing with it the sentiment of the crisp autumn air. These arrangements of creams vary from rich and dark to a modern take on classics favorites. 


·         Mila ZP1100  Mila can be best described as a sultry, deep mahogany red cream. 

·         Rumi ZP1101  Rumi can be best described as a muted terracotta cream.

·         Vivi ZP1104    Vivi can be best described as a dusty, cool-toned rose pink cream. 

·         Austin ZP1102   Austin can best be described as a cool wedge-wood blue cream. 

·         Cooper ZP1103   Cooper can best be described as a logan green cream. 

·         Becca ZP1105   Becca can best be described as a blackened fig cream. 








July 14, 2021

Zoya Easy Neons Swatches & Review!

*Sent for review*
I was so excited when Zoya first announced their Easy Neons collection. I can never get enough neons. They are my go to polishes in the summer and I always prefer neons that do not require a white polish underneath. The Zoya Easy Neons don't disappoint. All of my swatches are 2-3 coats with no white base. Some of these are a little like neon jellies, with a bit of VNL, but I love the shiny jelly-like look with these! All swatches have one layer of top coat for shine. Like most neons, these dry to a semi-matte finish.

Being a longtime Zelda nerd, I loved the name of Zoya Link even before trying the polish. Luckily, the polish loved up to it's great namesake and is a eye-catching neon grass green. This green is really amazing, it's like a fresh spring green but in your face NEON. I have a lot of neon greens, but Link may take the new favorite spot.

I used three thin coats here. Link was easy to apply and not streaky at all. The consistency was jelly-like and the new Z-Wide brush made for great control during application.

Zoya Echo is a bright sea blue, almost like my old favorite Crayola color "cerulean". Echo almost perfectly matches the blue on my stand up paddle board, so you can bet I'll be wearing it on my toes a bunch this summer. Definitely a gorgeous, saturated color, and a must for any blue polish fan (like myself!).

This was just two coats. Still a bit of VNL, but I like it with these. It somehow makes them look brighter and more summery. The formula was great again, very easy to apply. Neons are notoriously tricky to work with, so I am pretty pleased overall with the formula of this collection (with one exception).

Zoya Banks is an amazing bright neon orchid purple with pink undertones. This color is so great and super unique. I have been looking for a polish this color for awhile and could not find one. It's a great combination of purple and pink and super bright.

Unfortunately, Banks is the exception to the great formulas in this collection. It was thicker than the others and sort of... gooey? I could not for the life of me get this to be streak-free. You can see the unevenness pretty clearly.  This was three coats and it still had quite a bit of sheerness to it. I will still be wearing this polish because it's a smashing color, but wish the formula was up to par.

Zoya Janie is a retina-searing bright fuchsia neon and one of my favorites in this collection. This is one BOLD pink! I wore this recently while away at a dance competition and got a ton of compliments. This is a little more of a blue-pink in person, it's so bright it was difficult to photograph. You can see the cooler undertone of this one better if you compare it with the next polish below. I have a ton of neon pinks, but I really like the juicy look of these in comparison with other neons that have more of a chalky look.

I was super happy to find that this beauty has a fantastic formula in addition to being a stunning color. This was just two coats, very even, and hardly any VNL. Super easy to apply and I will be wearing this one again and again! 

Zoya Zelda (😍) is the warmer of the two pinks and my favorite polish in the collection. Zelda is a glowing hot coral pink, the best balance of pink and orange. Coral is pretty much the greatest in the summer, no? And neon coral pink is just so happy looking. LOVE!

Zelda's formula has a lot to love as well. Two coats, nicely even and streak-free, and super easy to apply with that nice wide brush. I didn't even do any clean up here. Pretty much the perfect summer polish all around!

Zoya Oakley is a bright orange neon with some yellow undertones. It's bright and happy and maybe a little nacho cheesy. But in a good way!

This is also two coats of Oakley and it had the same great formula as Janie and Zelda. I am definitely excited to find some neons that are easy to apply in a hurry and don't take the patience of a saint!

I may be biased, since I am almost always a big fan of neon polish, but I love this collection! My absolute favorites are Zelda and Janie, but I don't want to give up any of the other ones either. The Zoya Easy Neon collection is available now at Zoya.com!

June 13, 2021

Zoya Naked Manicure Rescue + Repair Kit Review

*Sent for review*

Oh my word, an actual post on this blog 😲. Sorry for the total radio silence here, but I got a side job over the winter and it was a rough schedule. I am back and have several posts in the pipeline, starting off with this review of the Zoya Naked Manicure Rescue + Repair Kit. This is a great set for any manicure enthusiast and would make an excellent gift. The set comes in a nice quality pink zippered pouch and contains Zoya Gelie-Cure Rescue Serum, Genie-Cure Repair Base, a double-ended wooden cuticle pusher, and a file with different grit options. The pink bag is a really nice one, I plan to use it for my nail supplies while traveling (so happy traveling is a thing again!).

There are instructions included on how to prep your nails for the treatment using the file and cuticle pusher. After nails are prepped, you apply a small amount of the Rescue Serum to each nail and then a layer of the Repair Base. You don't wipe or wash off the serum before applying the base. In the drier months, I usually oil my nails before base coat, so this is sort of a similar concept.

I began using this kit in the dead of winter while working two jobs, both of which required me to use a lot of disinfecting products and hand sanitizer. My nails were not in great shape and my thumb nails were both peeling a lot (see below).

The next picture is the same nail after using the Rescue + Repair kit. Instantly about a million times better. I used this set so many times in the winter when I didn't have enough time to actually do a whole manicure but couldn't stand my bare nails anymore. It immediately makes my nails look healthy and shiny. It also seemed to prevent breakage and keep my nails feeling stronger and less dry.

I don't really have true before and after pictures for you with this set, due to the crazy schedule I was living. But I can honestly say that I used this set over and over again this winter. I am pretty sure I wore the repair base and rescue serum more than regular polish! Based on my experience, I can definitely recommend the Zoya Naked Manicure Rescue + Repair Kit if you want to instantly improve the appearance of your nails, as well as improve them in the long run. I will be giving some of these out as gifts to my friends who love manis, they are a great little set!

The Zoya Naked Manicure Rescue + Repair Kit is available now on Zoya.com