July 20, 2017

New Sally Hansen Color Therapy Shades!

 *Sent for review*

The Sally Hansen Color Therapy line is really fantastic, if you haven't yet tried it. It's patented argan oil formula moisturizes your nails as you wear it and I do see an improvement in the texture of my nails when I wear it without base coat for a few days. There are some new shades in the line and I have a couple of them for your today. Sally Hansen Reflection Pool is a gorgeous green-blue shimmer. It looks like a normal teal in the bottle, but it really has a great green flash to it, almost like a blue with duochrome green. It also looks like a touch of golden shimmer is living in this pool! This shade is just beautiful and screams summer day at the beach to me.

This is just two coats of Reflection Pool and the application was perfect. Very easy and smooth. I used one coat of the Sally Hansen Color Therapy top coat and it was nicely shiny. It's not marketed as a quick dry top coat, but I find it to be very fast. Maybe not as fast as Seche Vite or Glisten & Glow, but still a very respectable drying time.

Sally Hansen Haute Springs is a nice crimson red creme. It's a great, rich-looking red, perfect for any red lover out there.

This is two coats of Haute Springs. The formula was a little on the thinner side, so I just had to make sure not to load the brush up too much to avoid pooling at the cuticles. I used one layer of Color Therapy top coat.

Sally Hansen Slicks and Stones is a vampy eggplant purple with pink and gold flecks glowing from within. The pink and gold flecks really pop out in the sun, but when I took these pictures, sun was lacking a bit! I can still see the flecks in all lighting conditions though, they don't disappear in low light. 

This is two coats again and the formula was very good. Nice and smooth, with great pigmentation. Topped with the Color Therapy top coat.

These pretty polishes are available now at a drugstore or Target near you! For more information on where to buy, visit https://www.sallyhansen.com.

July 18, 2017

Zoya Sophisticates Fall 2017 Preview!

Meet the SOPHISTICATES, Zoya’s latest palette of smoldering nudes, wine reds and shadowy hues in pearl, metallic and cream nail polish finishes.

Mckenna (ZP904): a refined pearl in soft almond. 
Beth (ZP905): a soft, sandy, rose gold metallic. 
Presley (ZP906): a smokey, mauve taupe cream. 
Joni (ZP907): a deep, dusty plum cream 
Hera (ZP908): a muted, red mauve cream. 
Padma (ZP909): a deep, vermillion red cream. 
Yvonne (ZP910): a rich, bordeaux red cream. 
Mona (ZP911): a deep, burgundy plum cream. 
Elaine (ZP912): a dark, umber brown cream. 
Hadley (ZP913): a smokey, midnight blue cream. 
Tabitha (ZP914): a refined pearl in a deep hunter green. 
Gal (ZP915): a smokey, iridescent, peridot gold metallic. 

AVAILABLE August 1, 2017. ZOYA.COM $10 ea.(US) 

July 14, 2017

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 78!

*Sent for review*

OK time to get this blog back on track, yikes! What a busy couple of months I have had, it's been crazy. It's time for a good Lynnderella Friday around here and today is a great day for it because Lynnderella was actually on the nails of Hailee Steinfeld as she performed on The Today Show this morning!! She wore a Lynnderella called Diamond in Training and you can check out a clip of her performing/get a glimpse of the polish here- http://www.today.com/popculture/see-love-myself-singer-hailee-steinfeld-rock-out-today-plaza-t113853. I think that is a pretty cool accomplishment for Lynnderella!!

Lynnderella Snazzy is a seriously STUNNING polish. Lynnderella describes it as a "charcoal black holographic microglitter with a red metallic glow". The red metallic glow is so strong and contrasts beautifully with the charcoal glitter. The effect in the sunlight is like fire, the holo rainbow and the metallic glow are so strong! Indoors you can see the charcoal gray/black color more, but the red flash is definitely still there and very visible. Overall such a unique polish!

This is two coats of Snazzy. It was gloriously easy to apply and very pigmented. I did use two layers of top coat because I thought it would really bring out the metallic glow.

Lynnderella Picnic is a holo watermelon pink microglitter. It's a nice juicy pink and has a light rainbow flare of holo glitter. Great summer pink for glitter lovers!

This is two coats of Picnic. It was a little thicker than Lynnderellas typically are and I found the first coat to be a little lumpy. The second coat smoothed everything out and was better, but it wasn't as flawless a formula as I have grown accustomed to with Lynns as of late. I used two layers of top coat here as well.

Lynnderella Tra LaLaLa is a "blue-violet shimmered charcoal black holographic microglitter with neon and iridescent flake accents". The charcoal glitter in this looks totally different than in Snazzy, it really has more of a purple-y feel. I love the fun colored accent glitters and flakes, they really pop out nicely. The charcoal glitter is nicely holographic and the whole polish has a rainbow look to it in sunlight.

This is two coats of Tra LaLaLa and one layer of top coat. It was easy to apply and had nice coverage. Every time I read the name of this polish, I sing it to the tune of "Swalla" by Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj LOL... can't help it.

These three lovely Lynnderellas are available now at http://stores.ebay.com/lynnderella-lynnderella. Lynnderellas are also available on Amazon and StorEnvy.

June 29, 2017

Zoya Wanderlust Summer 2017 Swatches, Part 2!

*Sent for review*

I finally have the second half of the Zoya Wanderlust collection for you today! I took on a volunteer job related to my work and it really ate up any blogging time I had since the last post. But, better late than never and these beauties are worth waiting for! First up we have the absolutely gorgeous Zoya Sonja. Sonja is a bright juicy coral red creme. It has hints of pink and orange and just feels like the perfect summer color. It's on my nails right now!

This was two flawless coats of polish. I almost could have done this in one coat, but you know I like to do thin coats. The coverage was even and the formula was so smooth. Loving Zoya's creme formula lately! I used one layer of quick dry top coat on all swatches in this post.

Zoya Cora is described as a muted coral creme. It's a very orange leaning coral, but is a bit softer than it looks here in my pictures. It's more peachy pink toned than it looks here too. This is a lovely color for summer that pops nicely without being eye-searing. Cora was my grandmother's name and she loved nail polish. She would get her nails done every week until she was about 105 years old! Her favorite color to get was a nice soft coral, so I think she would like this polish.

Again, this is two easy coats with a lovely formula. Easy to apply, no fuss.

Zoya Arbor is an olive green creme. It's a cleaner olive green, not too brown or murky looking. I love a good army green and this is a great option if you're looking for one.

Two coats again, great easy to apply formula.

One of the three shimmers in this collection, Zoya Journey is described as a "shimmering strawberry red". This red shimmers glows with touches of orange and maybe a bit of pinky red.

This is two coats of Journey. In the pictures I feel like I can see some VNL, but in person it appeared totally opaque. The formula was good, maybe a little thinner feeling than the cremes, but it did not affect the ease of application.

Zoya Scout is described as a "shimmering moss green" but I think it's so much more unique and interesting than that. It's a light chartreuse green with yellow gold shimmer popping out of it . Scout is one of those weird greens that I absolutely love, almost radioactive looking. I think this is the most unique color in the collection. I have a large collection of weird greens and don't own anything like this.

This was pretty pigmented and two coats was nicely opaque. I thought the formula on this one was smooth and pretty close to perfection.

This yummy looking concoction is Zoya Sawyer. Sawyer is a soft orange creamsicle creme. I love this delicate peachy orange color, it's so gorgeous. It would look great with a tan if that's something you can get (unlike me 😉).

This is the only polish in this batch that needed three coats. The formula wasn't as great as the others. It had a tendency to pool in the cuticles and didn't seem to want to self-level. It's not a bad formula, just not as effortless as some in this collection.

*Sent for review*

If you missed my post about the first half of this collection, check it out here- http://www.neverenoughnails.com/2017/06/zoya-wanderlust-summer-2017-swatches.html. This whole collection is fantastic and most of the polishes apply like a dream. I think my top favorites are River, Byrdie, Sonja, and Scout, but if you are eyeing any of the others, you can't go wrong here. 

The Zoya Wanderlust collection is available now at zoya.com

Sally Hansen + Crayola Insta-Dri Collection Preview!!


Sharpen those pencils, pack that apple, and add the final touch to your back-to-school look in an instant! The new Sally Hansen + Crayola Insta-Dri Collection transports you back to that care-free time of coloring with crayons, sketching out vibrant creations, and jumping back into the September back to school season. Color authorities Crayola and Sally Hansen joined forces to offer a bright, bold, and fun suite of hues that dry in just 60 seconds — so no time is wasted for the woman on the go. With a 60 second dry time, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri® Nail Color’s 3-in-1 formula features a built-in base and top coat to provide shiny, extended wear in a single step in just one stroke. These color specialists did their homework: From a saturated red to a marvelously mod white, here are the 12 new, specially designed shades inspired directly by the Crayola crayon colors we all know and love.

Wild Strawberry
Ripe and ravishing, this primary red crème shade is a classic.

Sunset Orange
As bold as it is beautiful, this hue conjures memories of blissful beachy evenings.

Carnation Pink
Everything’s coming up carnations in this vivid, pretty pink.

Picked right from a sprawling field, this sunny saturated yellow is a force of nature.

Granny Smith Apple
Take it to the tart side in this vivaciously verdant polish.

Rock this hue, it’s a go-to blue for back to school. 

Vivid Violet
Cultivate the feeling of floral fancy in this purple shade that elevates any first-day-of-school outfit.

No better way to kick off the year than with a blank slate. Be crisper than a white board with this pristine white.

It’s your time to shine bright and be a dazzling star with this raspberry hue.

Show off your summer tan with this red hot mani.

Casually cool, this jean-ius indigo hue goes with everything.

Purple Heart
Be the Queen Bee in this courageously colorful purple.

Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri® is #1 in the quick-dry segment. The Sally Hansen X Crayola Insta-Dri Back To School Collection will be available July 2017Crayola is the worldwide leader in children’s creative expression products. The Crayola brand is known for its iconic Crayola crayons, and portfolio of colorful and innovative art tools, crafting activities and creative toys.

June 3, 2017

Zoya Wanderlust Summer 2017 Swatches, Part 1!!

*Sent for review*

The Zoya summer collection is always a favorite of mine and I couldn't wait to get it on my nails! I have the first half of the collection for you today and let me just say that these were a pleasure to swatch. The Zoya Wanderlust collection consists of 12 polishes- 8 cremes and the rest shimmers. First up we have this glorious pinky purple creme, Zoya Lois. You all already know that I love a good pinky purple, and this one is perfect. It has a lot of hot pink/magenta in it, so it's nice and bright.  

The formula of the cremes here is spectacular. No more than two coats needed, and you could probably do one coat if you do thicker coats than I do. They applied evenly and smoothly. So easy to apply! I used two coats for Lois. All swatches in this post are topped with one layer of top coat.

Though I am not usually a pink fan, there are two really excellent pinks that I am excited about in this collection. This is the first one, Zoya Winnie. Zoya describes Winnie as a "soft watermelon pink creme". It's not too soft though, it has a healthy dose of brightness, although it doesn't stray anywhere near neon territory. Winnie reminds me of watermelon candy more than fresh watermelon, but I love it and can't wait to wear it!

Two easy flawless coats. Such a great formula, A++ Zoya!

Zoya Mandy is one of Zoya's wonderful shimmers. They really do shimmers so well, they are so reflective and smooth looking. Mandy is a berry pink shimmer with a cool undertone. It really glows in the sunshine. 

This is two coats of Mandy. It was a little less opaque than the cremes, but I still found it to have good coverage. If you do very thin coats, you may need a third for full opacity. The formula was great, the perfect consistency for accurate application.

R.I.P. Zoya Byrdie... moments after taking these pictures, I dropped the bottle and it shattered into a million pieces. I am so sad about this because Byrdie is the other pink I am loving in this collection. It's the absolute perfect bright pink for me, a great balance of warm and cool, and so flattering on my skin tone. Zoya calls it a "muted fuchsia pink" but I didn't find it to be that muted. It's definitely got a smooth juicy quality to it, but it's definitely bright enough to be a summer pink polish. I'm going to have to buy another bottle of Byrdie, dropping it was so sad 😞.

Two super easy coats, could pretty much be a one coater. Why oh why did I drop this? I have only shattered two bottles of polish in my entire life. Why this one?

But at least I didn't drop this baby... if you ever read this blog, you already know that Zoya River is my favorite of this half. The shimmer in River is so molten looking, it actually looks like a river on your nails, only the most glorious blue tropical river you've ever seen. You may feel like there are other polishes vaguely similar to this, but I can tell you that in person, this one stands WAY out of the crowd. It's just stunning. The shimmer is far more glowing than others I can think of, LOVING this!

Two perfect delicious coats. I am putting this on my nails right away tonight! It did not stain at all when I swatched it, I will update if by any chance it does when I actually wear it.

Zoya Esty is a "rich bubblegum pink" creme. I think it's a little darker than a traditional bubble gum pink. Very barbie-esque. It is cooler toned and has none of the coral nuances that Byrdie contains. I like Esty, but I think the other two pink cremes in this collection are more unique. 

This is another two coats, or one coat if you do slightly thicker coats. If you're looking for a pretty straightforward bright pink creme with an outstanding formula, Esty is your girl.

I really enjoyed swatching these polishes. It was an absolute pleasure to apply them and they were so easy to photograph too. I can't wait for the second half of the collection because it has two weird greens (my favorite!!!), oranges, corals, etc. Living for the Zoya Wanderlust collection so far!!

The Zoya Wanderlust collection is available on zoya.com.