August 20, 2014

Lynnderella Cowboy Kitty

 *Sent for review*

I am crazy in love with today's polish!! Lynnderella Cowboy Kitty is a spectacular mix of red, black and pale grey glitter in a gold and clear shimmered base with teeny red microglitter sparkles. One of a series of kitty themed LE lacquers, Cowboy Kitty just happens to feature one of my favorite color combinations- I LOVE red and black together. Using grey glitter in this is a stroke of genius and there really aren't many polishes with grey glitter. The shimmer in this polish is absolutely stunning in person. Pictures never really capture the full gorgeousness of Lynnderellas.

I used Zoya Dove as my base for this mani. This is one dabbed coat of Cowboy Kitty over three coats of Dove. When it was all finished, I liked the combination, but I realized that the awesome grey glitter is basically the same color as Dove. So I had to try another base color too!

This is one dabbed coat of Cowboy Kitty over OPI My Vampire is Buff.  This makes the grey glitter a bit more visible, but I'd still like to come up with a base color that really lets all of the glitter colors pop a bit more. I'm working on it! I do really love it over the grey base though, red, black and grey is such a good color combo.

Cowboy Kitty was easy to apply and has plenty of shimmer and glitter. I do recommend the dabbing method, as I find it to be the best way to apply Lynns. Lynnderella herself uses and recommends the dabbing method. I typically get a good amount of polish on the brush and dab it on the nail, smooshing it around until it covers evenly. It sounds hard, but with a little practice, it's quite easy.

*Sent for review*

Lynnderella Cowboy Kitty is my new favorite LE Lynn. It's one of my favorite color combinations of all time AND it's a kitty polish!! This and other fantastic kitty, unicorn, mermaid, etc. themed polishes are available at and the Lynnderella Storenvy. For news about upcoming collections, visit Lynnderella's blog.

August 18, 2014

OPI Ford Mustang Swatches!

*Sent for review*

OPI teamed up with Ford Mustang to bring us this collection, celebrating the Mustang's 50th anniversary. The Ford Mustang is such an American icon, so it's cool to see a tie-in with nail polish! OPI Race Red is a bright red-orange creme. I am always a fan of a good red-orange, they look much better on me personally than blue-based reds. Race Red is bright and eye-catching, but still very classic looking.

Race Red was easy to work with and applied flawlessly. This is two coats.

OPI 50 Years of Style is a light yellow gold metallic. It's a very pale, delicate looking gold, not too harsh or brassy looking. 

This is two coats of 50 Years of Style. I was impressed with it's pigmentation, as a lot of light gold metallics require three coats and still have VNL. You can see some visible brushstrokes in the pictures, but they weren't as apparent in person.

OPI Queen of the Road is a shimmering obsidian black metallic. This one is really cool, it definitely reminds me of black gems, all smoldering and smoky looking.

Queen of the Road felt a little thinner, formula-wise. I used three coats for these pictures. There are some visible brushstrokes with this polish, due to it's metallic nature, although they are less noticeable in person. They really don't bother me, but I know they drive some people bananas, so I do want to mention it.

OPI The Sky's My Limit is my favorite of this collection! The Sky's My Limit is a gorgeous blue metallic, almost foil finish, with tons of gold shimmer. The gold shimmer is a lot more apparent in person than it is in my pictures and it is awesome! I tried a lot of different lighting sources to capture the gold, but it wasn't happening. If you can see this polish in person, the gold is very visible in the bottle. It reminds me a little bit of Absolutely Alice in a completely smooth, non-glitter form.

The Sky's My Limit is not only stunning, but it applied like a dream. A beautiful golden blue dream. This is two coats.


I was pretty surprised by OPI Girls Love Ponies. It's the most perfect fuchsia creme I've ever tried. I'm not entirely sure what makes it stand out from the crowd, but as soon as I put it on, I thought "wow, this looks fantastic!". My mom saw it and said "Wow, that's really pretty!". It is a little bit on the blue-based side of pink and very saturated with pigment. It's bright, but not crazy electric. Girls Love Ponies really is just a top-notch fuchsia. I can't believe how much I like it, and you all know I'm not crazy over pinks.

To top off it's perfection, Girls Love Ponies applied like butter and only needed two coats. Love!

OPI Angel With a Leadfoot is a really nice fluffy cloud white creme. It's not a super stark white, like Alpine Snow, but it's not a soft eggshell either. It's pretty much a nice in-between of those two and I think it fills a gap in white cremes in the OPI line.

Angel With a Leadfoot was pretty easy to work with for a white creme. This is three coats, but I really didn't find the second coat to be that streaky. I think if I had been more careful, I could have done two coats. With a matte top coat in between coats, I'm sure it would be a two-coater. It has plenty of pigmentation. Overall, I like it a lot better than my old go-to white, OPI Alpine Snow.

*Sent for review*

When I first saw the preview pictures for this collection, I wasn't all that jazzed up about it, but I quickly started to change my mind upon swatching. My favorites from the collection are The Sky's My Limit and Girls Love Ponies, but you can't go wrong with the others if you're looking to add those colors to your collection.

The OPI Mustang Collection is available now at fine salons, Ulta and

August 16, 2014

Smitten Polish Tornado Skies

*Purchased by me*

Happy Saturday! I hope you all have some good weekend plans. I'm just popping in with a quick unplanned post today. I found out that there is a Smitten Polish restock going on today at Smitten Polish's Big Cartel Store. I also found out that the lovely Smitten Polish Tornado Skies is going to be discontinued after this batch to make room for new things. I think Tornado Skies is really unique and awesome, so I wanted to post it before it leaves forever. Tornado Skies is a medium gray with tons of green shimmer, just like that menacing sky right before a huge storm, like a tornado or a hurricane. Indoors in low light, the green shimmer is less visible, but in the right lighting, it is crazy strong! My pictures do not show the gorgeous green shimmer to it's full extent. I wasn't really planning on doing this post until I heard about the restock, so these were taken fairly quickly. Also, please ignore the amount of shrinkage on my ring finger, it is clearly time to thin my top coat.

I highly recommend checking out Tornado Skies, it is way cooler in person. It's one of those distracting polishes that you stare at when you're wearing it. The Smitten restock will take place today at 2pm Central time at the Big Cartel store.

August 15, 2014

A Note About Comments

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L'Oreal Skinny Jeans

 *gift from a friend*

I received L'Oreal Skinny Jeans as a gift from a student in late June and it's been languishing in my untrieds drawer ever since. I am not really sure why, it's a lovely color in the bottle. I think the last time I tried a lighter hued L'Oreal, I had to use four coats, so it's possible I was too lazy to deal with that. I also thought that Skinny Jeans was a creme polish and might be streaky/hard to apply/thick/whatever. Well, surprise, surprise! Skinny Jeans is a texture! A stunning periwinkle lavender texture! I remember seeing info somewhere about the collection Skinny Jeans was in, but I guess I wasn't paying attention because I had no clue it was a texture. I am still really into textures when I am too busy to do a real base coat/2-3 coats/top coat mani, so I am very happy to have a texture in this gorgeous bright blue shade.

This is two super easy coats of Skinny Jeans. It was easy as pie to apply, no issues at all. The texture isn't super rough or scratchy and the polish dries quickly. New nail pajamas for me!

Now, this collection was limited edition, but I did see it recently at Walgreen's, so if you look around you might still be able to get this polish.

August 13, 2014

Zoya Naturel 1 and Deux Skittles!

 *Sent for review*

When I first got the Zoya Naturel Deux collection, I had a burning desire to get out the first Naturel collection to see how they compare. Well let me just say, the two collections look AMAZING together. The shades are just dying to be used with each other! Naturel Deux is darker, so it provides some contrast to the lighter Naturel shades, but they have the same feel to them. For my first look with the two collections together, I decided I wanted to do purple skittles nails!

For this look, I used Zoya Brigitte on the thumb (from Naturel 1), Madeline on the index, Odette (also from 1) on the middle, Aubrey on the ring, and Marney on the pinkie. I did three coats of the two polishes from Naturel 1 and two coats of Madline, Aubrey and Marney (I do think Zoya's cream formula has improved so much!). I am calling this look skittles nails, rather than ombre, because Odette is a bit different in tone than the other shades. For a more true ombre look, you could use Zoya Rue (from Naturel 1), Brigitte, Madeline, Aubrey, and Marney. There are tons of combinations to be made from these two collections!

*Sent for review*

It's official- I love these skittle nails! I have decided to make it my first official fall mani whenever I'm ready for that (not yet). Both of the Naturel and Naturel Deux collections are available now on!

August 12, 2014

Zoya Entice & Ignite Fall 2014 Preview!


Inspired by the classic wools, textured brocades and metallic accents of the season, Zoya¹s new 
ENTICE & IGNITE collections create a palette of lush, deep color including wines, browns, navies and greys.

Zoya ENTICE delivers six new, glossy, intensely pigmented, full-coverage cream colors.

ZP748 ­ Nyssa: Milk Chocolate Brown, Full-Coverage Formula.
ZP749 ­ Claire: Rich Burgundy, Full-Coverage Formula.
ZP750 ­ Veronica: Brilliant Wine, Full-Coverage Formula.
ZP751 ­ Margo: Red Plum, Full-Coverage Formula.
ZP752 ­ Ryan: Classic Indigo, Full-Coverage Formula.
ZP753 ­ Genevieve: Leather Grey, Full-Coverage Formula.

Zoya IGNITE offers a six shimmering red, gold, copper and purple liquid metal metallics.

ZP754 ­ Autumn: Varnished Copper Liquid Metal.
ZP755 ­ India: Deep Red Gold Liquid Metal.
ZP756 ­ Teigen: Violet Plum with Copper Liquid Metal.
ZP757 ­ Sansa: Deepest Eggplant with Gold Liquid Metal.
ZP758 ­ Remy: Indigo with Copper & Gold Liquid Metal.
ZP759­ YunaGrey with Copper & Gold Liquid Metal.


$(US) Available on and at finer salons and spas.