November 24, 2015

Vapid Sweaters n' Denim

*Purchased by me*

Today I have my first ever polish from Vapid Lacquer for your viewing enjoyment. I started seeing a lot of ISOs for this polish in various Facebook polish groups, so I had to find out what was so great about it. Turns out it really is AMAZING!!! Vapid Sweaters n' Denim is a thermal polish that changes from a deep cornflower blue with tons of rosy copper shimmer (cold) to a golden nude with rosy copper shimmer (warm). The cold color is basically my dream contrast shimmer polish. The shimmer pops so much against the dusky blue and you can see it in all lighting situations. It's not one of those where you have to go searching for the shimmer. I have been dreaming of a polish like this for a long time!!

My order came with a Vapid logo sticker, an adorable mini panda and some Starburst (not pictured because I ate them!).

^OMG.... Just look at it. Drooooooool!

Above you can see Sweaters n' Denim in a mostly warm state. It was really cold when I took these pictures, so it kept wanting to change back. But it's a beautiful warm nude and the shimmer is still very prominent. I love how drastic the change is between the cold and warm colors. It's not one of those thermals where you're trying to figure out what the difference is.

This is two super easy coats. This polish was just flawless to apply. It has a nice big brush, so you can cover the nail in about two strokes and it's a nicely shaped brush, so I actually didn't do any clean-up here. If all Vapids are like this one, I am buying 45 more.

Vapid Sweaters n' Denim will be restocked this Friday (Black Friday) on Check out Vapid's Facebook page for more restock info.

November 20, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 20!

*Sent for review*

It's Friday again, and as you read this, I am at a huge Irish dance competition with my students, so please give them positive thoughts. I hope they all do really well, they've been working so hard! I have some pretty sparkly Lynnderellas for you today, starting off with Lynnderella Nice Ink!. Nice Ink! is a purply-blue microglitter with irregularly shaped holographic flecks. It has a clear base, a pink/lavender sheen to it.

This is three thin coats of Nice Ink!. It is pretty easy to apply, I had no problems. It is nicely opaque on it's own. I used one layer of Essie Gel Setter on top and it's very smooth to the touch.

Lynnderella Etincelle is a new special edition thermal polish! I love that Lynnderella is doing more thermals lately, they are so much fun to wear! This one has lots of gorgeous holo and metallic blue-violet glitter, including blue lightening bolts! It also has holo silver lightening bolts and teeny stars. The base changes from blue-violet when cold to clear when warm. The pictures above and below are cold.

This is two coats dabbed over OPI Angel with a Lead Foot. It is a little thick with all of the glitter, but dabbing made it easier to work with. Below is the polish warm, with a little change back to cold on my pinky finger.

Lynnderella Peach Glacee is a new LE that is described as "translucent peach loaded with multishimmer, yellow and aqua nano flakes and blue iridescence". Peach Glacee is a soft pink-peach with pretty iridescent blue shimmer. I think in the photo below, you can see the yellow and aqua nano flakes. They make the polish really different and add cool layers of sparkle to the polish.

This is three coats of Peach Glacee. It is a little sheer, but buildable in three coats. It was easy to apply and has a nice consistency. This would also be gorgeous layered over a pink or peachy pink creme.

 *Sent for review*

These limited edition Lynnderellas are available now on and
For more Lynnderella news and swatches check out:

As always, if you're looking for a specific Lynnderella and can't seem to find it for sale, definitely email and Paul can help you!

November 17, 2015

ILNP The Road to Awe

*Purchased by me*

Hi polish lovers! My birthday was Sunday and I have a look at my birthday mani for you today. My birthday was Sunday, but I'm still wearing this now- it's so pretty! ILNP The Road To Awe has color-shifting flakies in an array of fall hues. These flakes change from purple and wine to copper and gold, and I even see some hints of blue and green. Their true beauty wasn't showing up in the sun, so I took these pictures in the shade, sorry for the dim lighting.

This is two coats of The Road to Awe over OPI Skating on Thin Ice-land. I thought this combo would be great, but I'm not sure it really allowed the flakies to pop. Either a lighter or way darker color (like black) might have been better. In any case, it was easy to apply!

*Purchased by me*

ILNP The Road to Awe is available now on The holiday ILNP pre-order is coming soon, are you eyeing anything? I want the rose gold one, Juliette, I think it's called!

November 13, 2015

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 19!

*Sent for review*

Welcome to Lynnderella Friday, late late edition! I am in the throes of my busiest time of year at work- prepping for our regional championship competition. The day got away from me today, but it's not over yet and I have two gorgeous polishes to show you. First is Lynnderella Calming Trend. Calming Trend is a translucent periwinkle shimmer with a pinky lavender glow, almost duochrome effect. This is a stunning polish if you love periwinkles and pale blues like I do!

This is three coats of Calming Trend. I am happy with the coverage here, but it is quite sheer in one coat and still had a lot of VNL at two coats. You could definitely layer this over a periwinkle creme to get the gorgeous shimmer effect if you prefer. It was easy to apply and not streaky at all, so I opted to wear it alone.

*Purchased by me*

Oh man this one is cool! Lynnderella Fall for Jammy is from the fall Glitteracy Program collection, and I don't know why I am just getting around to wearing it now! Lynnderella says this is "a shifty brown holographic microglitter with assorted accents in a clear base".  I see a ton of colors in the microglitter, like green, red, gold, and brown. It looks like Lynn took all the best fall colors in microglitter and mixed them up together. The glitter is so holo too! It's one of those distracting polishes that should come with a warning like "Please use caution when driving while wearing Fall for Jammy. Holo glitter goodness may be distracting".

This is three thin coats. It was pretty much opaque in two, but I usually prefer micro glitters at 3 coats. I used one layer of Essie Gel Setter on top and it is nice and smooth. It applied well and was pretty easy to work with.

These limited edition Lynnderellas are available now on and
For more Lynnderella news and swatches check out:

As always, if you're looking for a specific Lynnderella and can't seem to find it for sale, definitely email and Paul can help you!

November 11, 2015

Essie Gel Setter Top Coat Review

 *Essie Gel Setter was given to me as a gift*

I've been meaning to write a quick review of the new(ish) Essie Gel Setter top coat. Lynnderella sent this to me to try with her glitters because she really liked it and I have been loving it as well! This top coat offers a plush, extremely glossy finish. It smooths most glitters in just one coat and makes them really sparkle.  While it is not labeled as a quick dry top coat, it dries very quickly for me, pretty much as quickly as most QDTCs.  I do love the gel-like formula too, it just glides on and never feels thin or draggy.

I used Essie Gel Setter in this recent swatch of Lynnderella The Reason My Heart Beats and it looks so glossy and smooth- love it! This top coat has become my go to for swatching and also the manis I've been wearing.  You can't beat the shine or application, and it even dries fast!

Essie Gel Setter is available at a drugstore near you.

November 9, 2015

China Glaze Sleeping Under the Stars and Meet Me in the Mirage

 *Purchased by me*

Today I have two recent China Glaze polishes that have been in heavy rotation for me lately. First we have China Glaze Sleeping Under the Stars, a dusty navy blue creme with lots of pinky copper shimmer. I love polishes with contrasting shimmer like this and I am also a huge navy polish fan, so I knew I would need this one in my collection. In low light, you can't see the shimmer much, but I could see it most of the time throughout the day, so that's a plus!

This is two coats. It was nicely pigmented and pretty easy to work with. It was maybe a tiny bit harder to control around the cuticle edge, but not bad.

I am really not sure why it took me so long to post this one, but here is China Glaze Meet Me in the Mirage. This is actually from the summer Desert Escape collection, but it works all year round. This is a gorgeous rose gold foil. It's a little coppery, but more of a soft burnished rosy glow. This is my new favorite rose gold polish for sure.

This is two easy coats of Meet Me in the Mirage. It really could be a one-coater, but I underestimated it's opacity. It applied really well, no complaints here!

 *Purchased by me*

I got both of these polishes on I am currently eyeing some holiday China Glazes on there pretttttty hard right now, so you may see them soon.

November 7, 2015

OPI Starlight Holiday Collection Preview!

The Starlight Collection brings a constellation of color to nails and toes just in time for the holidays! This new collection of 18 limited-edition nail lacquers ($9.50 each at send style into the stratosphere with hues as glittery as the night sky, as deep as space itself, and as riveting as a romance written in the stars.