March 24, 2015

Lynnderella New Year, New Ewe and Lynnderella Water Violet

*sent for review* I have two lovely Lynnderellas for you today. Let's start with a polish made in honor of the lunar new year, Lynnderella New Year, New Ewe. New Year, New Ewe has an assortment of red and pink glitters in a really pretty pink shimmered base. The mix of pink and red is lovely and more complex than a 100% red glitter topper. Lynnderella says New Year, New Ewe has clear red glitter and nearly neon red glitter, as well as pink glitters.

This was easy to apply, I used just one coat over three coats of OPI Be Magentale With Me (one of the Sheer Tints). The glitters in New Year, New Ewe are plentiful and I didn't need to go fishing for any of the larger pieces. The base was a perfect consistency, not too thick or too thin.

Lynnderella Water Violet is a gorgeous mix of bright blue and violet glitters in a violet jelly base. Now, Lynnderella does say in her description that no two bottles are alike, but I found that my bottle had a very pigmented violet base. The glitters really glow in this, they are very vibrant. Some of the purple glitters appear more pinky too, so it's a very complex look in the end.

I originally thought I would have to layer this, so I used one coat of China Glaze Agent Lavender as a base. However, my Water Violet does have a very pigmented violet base, so three coats of this alone would be nicely opaque. It was a little tricky to get the base color to be nicely even, while also spreading the glitter around evenly. I would recommend concentrating on getting the base even in the first coat and then focusing on the glitter.

*sent for review* These two pretties are LE, so check and for them to pop up! I know Lynnderella has a spring collection coming up, called Spring Things, so keep an eye on for news about that!

March 20, 2015

SinfulColors Spring Fever 2015 Swatches!

 *Sent for review*

Happy first day of spring!!!! I have spring fever today with some of the polishes from the SinfulColors Spring 2015 Spring Fever collection (even though it's supposed to snow 4+ inches later today, WTF??!!). First up we have the beautiful Forget Me Not periwinkle blue creme, SinfulColors Sail La Vie. I love colors like this for spring- flower colors! Sail La Vie is not quite a pastel, it's a little more saturated, but still has a fresh soft feel to it. I think this will be my first spring pedi!

This is three coats of Sail La Vie. It was on the thin side and seemed pretty sheer on the first coat. However, it built up to full opacity nicely in three coats and was pretty good to work with.

SinfulColors Prized Plume is an "opalescent trend topper", a topper that can add a beautiful iridescent shimmer to any polish. Prized Plume is described as a "iridescent peacock feather blue" and it flashes a little green here and there too. I layered one coat of Prized Plume over Sail La Vie for this look. It looks different in different types of lighting, sometimes it leans more green and sometimes more blue or teal. Very pretty!

Prized Plume was very easy to apply and had a great consistency. It is marketed as a topper and I think would take a ton of coats to wear it alone. This is just one coat over Sail La Vie and it's perfect.

SinfulColors Gold Medal is a pretty metallic gold shimmer. It is a very reflective gold and my pictures were not coming out that great with this one. I like it in person much better than in my pictures. This is two coats of Gold Medal. It applied well, but it does have some visible brushstrokes. 

This bright apple green creme is SinfulColors Innocent. This is a great spring color, an electric yellow-y green, like the new shoots of plants peeking up in the gardens. I am a fan of weird greens, so I love this color.

I do not love the formula of Innocent, however. It's thick and hard to apply smoothly. It doesn't seem to self-level. Despite being thick, it also came rushing off of the brush to flood my cuticles, despite the fact that I wiped off the brush quite well. A layer of top coat seemed to even it out, but clean-up was definitely necessary and even with clean-up, my cuticles are stained yellow-y green in places. So, while I love the color, I wish this was a little more user-friendly.

 My favorite look of this collection is SinfulColors Petal Be the Day over Innocent. This screams spring to me and I love these colors together! Petal Be the Day is a "Bloomblast Glitter" with royal blue and purple glitters. The base looks like a milky lavender in the bottle, but it's really just clear on the nails, so I chose to layer this.

This is just one coat of Petal Be the Day over Innocent. It was nice and easy to apply and the glitter was plentiful.

 *Sent for review*

The SinfulColors Spring Fever collection is available now at Walgreens and other retailers. My favorites are Sail La Vie and Petal Be the Day. For more information about SinfulColors, check out their website, Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.

March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day- Lynnderella A Green Rainbow!

*Sent for review*

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! I am running around doing tons of shows today, but I HAD to quickly show you my St. Patrick's Day mani. I am wearing the STUNNING Lynnderella A Green Rainbow over Sally Hansen Emerald Express, with an accent nail of OPI That's Hula-rious!. Lynnderella aptly describes A Green Rainbow as a "multiglitter that contains assorted holographic and metallic green glitters featuring three-leaved shamrocks in a clear base". The holographic glitter in this is really eye-catching and stands out amid the green. I had a bag of holographic shamrock glitter from some other polish, so I used that for the accent nail. There are also shamrocks in A Green Rainbow itself, but since I didn't want any of the other glitters on my accent nails, I thought it was easiest to use the loose ones.

 This is just one coat of A Green Rainbow over two coats of Emerald Express. I used two coats of That's Hula-rious!. A Green Rainbow had plenty of glitter and was very easy to apply.

*Sent for review*

Hope you all have a great St. Patrick's Day!!!

Lynnderella A Green Rainbow and other Lynnderella polishes are available at and For more information about upcoming collections, check out

March 14, 2015

Born Pretty Store Stamper, BP-55 and BP-49 Plates!

 *sent for review*

Born Pretty Store recently send me two of their newer stamping plates and a new stamper to try out. The plates are BP-55, a nice selection of floral, leaf and kind of tribal patterns, and BP-49, a mishmash of stars, hearts, diamonds, moons, and more. The stamper is the soft squishy variety that I've been wanting to try. My old stamper is the old harder kind and I've heard great things about the squishy variety. I like it so far, but I did have to prime it several times. I didn't have a crystal file handy, so I think I should still prime it again with a crystal file. It sometimes wasn't picking up all of an image.

I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri Silver Sweep to stamp over Zoya Leslie. I used the BP-55 plate on my pointer and middle finger, and BP-49 on my ring and pinkie. I love how the silver looks stamped over the pale lavender, it's sort of a subtle look.

 *sent for review*

I definitely recommend these two stamping plates, especially BP-55. I love the leaf pattern especially, but like everything on that plate. I think I like the squishy stamper too, but I still need some more testing on that after I file it properly with a crystal file. These items are all available at Born Pretty Store!

March 12, 2015

OPI Hawaii Spring/Summer 2015 Swatches- Hulas, Geckos and Waves!

*sent for review*

Today I have the last 3 polishes from the OPI Hawaii collection to show you. I don't have any fun nail art in this post, due to time constraints (a.k.a. St. Patrick's Day events), but I do have plans for something pretty using one of the polishes. First up we have the adorably named OPI My Gecko Does Tricks. I think geckos are so cute and I would love one for a pet, so I love this name! My Gecko Does Tricks is a pretty light grass green shimmer. After a long winter, this color feels really fresh and spring-y. The shimmer is really lovely, it's sort of golden in some lights, but it doesn't make the polish feel too warm toned overall. This is going to be great for St. Patrick's Day manis!

This is two easy coats of My Gecko Does Tricks. I thought the formula was great, so easy to apply and control. You can see some brushstrokes in the pictures, but my naked eye didn't notice them at all. Sometime the camera lens is a little too picky!

OPI This Color's Making Waves is a pretty blue metallic shimmer with a twist. The twist is hard to see in photos, but you can see it in person and in the bottle. There are gorgeous pinky copper flecks of shimmer mixed in with the blue! These flecks make this blue metallic stand out from others we have seen in the past.

I did three thin coats of This Color's Making Waves, but two medium-thick coats would probably work well too. This was easy to apply and had a great formula!

I think you can see the copper flecks in this picture below if you look closely. They are so cool looking in person!

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, is my personal favorite of the collection, OPI That's Hula-rious!. This is the palest fresh mint green creme and I love how much white is mixed in here. It gives it that stark, kind of mod look. I have definitely been waiting for a minty color like this! I can't get enough mints during spring. I just bought mint green Adidas LOL, it's my color for the season. I knew from the minute I saw the first picture of this that I would love it. Just by bottle comparisons (I will a do a swatch comparison eventually as well), That's Hula-rious is brighter and less dusty than China Glaze Refresh-mint and less milky, more stark/mod looking than Zoya Tiana.

That's Hula-rious! has an amazing formula for a color this pale and stark. This is two coats. Just two coats! No mucking around with three or more coats, no matte top coat in between layers to prevent streaking, no fussiness whatsoever. It self-levels like a champ and needed barely any clean-up. That's Hula-rious! applies like a dream.

 *sent for review*

Overall, I'm really pleased with the whole OPI Hawaii collection. It's probably one of my favorite OPI collections recently! My top picks are That's Hula-rious!, My Gecko Does Tricks, Just Lanai-ing Around and Go With the Lava Flow. If you missed my other posts about this collection, here they are all in one spot-

The OPI Hawaii collection is available now at Ulta,, and fine salons.

March 10, 2015

OPI Hawaii- 3 Very A-Peeling Polishes!

*sent for review*

Today I have three more of the lovely OPI Hawaii Spring/Summer 2015 polishes for you, starting off with OPI Hello Hawaii Ya?. Hello Hawaii Ya? is a dusty greyed-out purple creme. It's a nice deep lilac color, but with a little bit of an edgy neutral feel, thanks to the grey tones.

This is two easy coats of Hello Hawaii Ya?. The formula was nicely pigmented and easy to work with. I really liked this color with my skin tone a lot, but I think it will flatter other skin tones as well!

OPI Lost My Bikini in Molokini is a bright blue-toned purple creme. I wouldn't call this "blurple", but it definitely has cooler blue undertones to it. This is really pretty for spring and summer! It's bright and cheery, but not neon. I think a lot of purple cremes I own are either darker or lighter, or just not as bright and clean. This seems unique and definitely worthy of a permanent home in one of my purple drawers.

Lost My Bikini in Molokini was super easy to apply and had a great formula. Two easy coats and you're done! That little dot on my middle nail is a drop of water from a melting icicle by the way, haha! I thought I had wiped it all off my hand until I got inside, removed this polish and then looked at the pictures :/.

OPI Pineapples Have Peelings Too! is the lone glitter in this collection. It's a very unique and different polish for OPI. It has a frosty pale yellow gold base with glitters in various bright colors and different sizes. The base color of this reminds me of an old Revlon Street Wear polish I used to have and LOVE, so nostalgia is making me like this one! The fun colored glitters and the pale yellow also are giving me an Easter egg vibe, and I might have to sport this on Easter this year!

This is three thin coats of Pineapples Have Peelings Too!. It was pretty easy to apply, although I think a lot of the larger glitters in my bottle kind of sunk to the bottom. I kind of like it with only a small smattering of larger glitters. With one coat of top coat, I found this to be smooth to the touch and not lumpy looking in person.

I had to give Pineapples Have Peelings Too! some more love, so I paired it with OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana. This is two coats of I Just Can't Cope-acabana with Pineapples Have Peelings Too! dabbed on. I used a makeup sponge and concentrated the larger glitters at the base of my nails, and then dabbed some of the small glitters out towards the tips. I think this look is really fun! I only wore it for these swatches, but I'm going to have to wear it as a full mani this week, it's too cute.

*sent for review*

The two purple cremes in this collection are really fabulous and must haves for any purple lover like myself. I really like Pineapples Have Peelings Too! more than I expected to based on other swatches I saw. I can't wait to wear it over I Just Can't Cope-acabana this week!

The OPI Hawaii collection is available now at Ulta,, and fine salons.