May 23, 2016

Zoya Seashells Collection Summer 2016 Swatches!!

*Sent for review*

Don't worry polish lovers! I've come to liven up your Monday with some Zoya Seashells swatches! For this half of their summer 2016 collection, Zoya brought back the beloved PixieDust formula and I am really glad they did! First up we have the lovely Zoya Cece, a sour apple green PixieDust with hints of golden shimmer. This is a great fresh green for spring and summer. Zoya describes it as "Full impact green, textured PixieDust with a thin vein of gold creating a fizzy lemon-lime effect". Very refreshing!

This is two easy coats of Zoya Cece. Most of these were two coats and wonderfully easy to apply. The draw of the PixieDust line, for me anyways, has always been the ease of application, relatively quick dry time, and the fact that you do not need a top coat. When I am in a huge rush, I grab a PixieDust and apply two fast coats with no base or top coat.

Here is Cece with one layer of Vapid High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat. This was pretty smooth with just one coat, so if you prefer your PixieDusts glossy, it's easy to achieve.

Zoya Bay is a clear sky blue PixieDust with ribbons of gold and silver shimmer. I like that Zoya used both silver and gold shimmer in this. It makes it look icy, but warm at the same time, if that's possible! Bay is described as "Sky blue textured PixieDust with fine silver and gold glitter creating a dreamy effect. Reminiscent of cloud gazing on warm summer days!". I could use some cloud gazing on warm summer days right about now, I am so ready for summer!

This is two easy coats again!

One layer of the Vapid top coat makes this one nice and shiny too! I actually think I might like this one shiny better! It makes the color richer and the shimmer pop.

Zoya Tilly is an interesting polish, and definitely unique. To my eyes, this looks like a silver PixieDust with purple-y grey accents. Zoya says it is "Starry grey textured PixieDust with a small holographic glitter interwoven with a darker gunmetal. Perfect for hot nights out on the town!". This is gorgeous and SO sparkly!!

Broken record here- two effortless coats!

Here's one layer of top coat. You can see the top coat here deepens the color a lot, but I think if you wanted it to be perfectly glossy, you would need a second layer of top coat.

Gold is my most used polish color. I use it as a neutral, so gold PixieDusts are the ultimate slap it on and go polish. Zoya Levi is sure to become my new go to. It's a nice evenly toned gold too, not too warm or yellowy, so I think it will flatter the majority of skin tones. Zoya describes it as "Beige gold textured PixieDust with medium holographic hexes. Designed to update a classic neutral pixie with a little more glam.".

This is the only polish in this collection that I felt I wanted to use a third coat. It was probably OK in two coats, but the third just made it totally opaque and brought out the sparkle. The formula was good and it was still easy to apply, just maybe a tad less opaque.

It's pretty with top coat too!

Zoya Linds is a bright cherry red PixieDust. Zoya says it has "red and fuchsia glitter to mimic the look of maraschino cherries dipped in sugar". It leans on the pinky side of red, rather than a warm red.

This is two coats. The formula was easy to apply, but I feel like it took a lot longer to dry than the others. I waited the same amount of time, but it looks like it wasn't fully dried here in these pictures.

Here is Linds with one layer of top coat.

Drumroll please!!!!! This one is my surprise favorite of the collection!!! I'm surprised because typically the green would be my favorite, but not here. Zoya Zooey is a delicious peach concoction with plentiful golden shimmer and iridescent holo accents. Zoya says this is a "classic pink textured PixieDust laced with a fine thread of gold and medium sized holographic hexes for an added layer of dimension". But I definitely think it is much more peach than just a classic pink. The golden shimmer makes it lean warm and almost coral. So pretty! I am going to wear this one first out of this collection!

You guessed it- two easy coats!! Love this one!!

Here's a shot with top coat. Like some of the others, the colors deepen with top coat. This is definitely more coral/peach pink now than classic pink.

*Sent for review*

My top picks here are Zooey and Cece. But the whole collection is beautiful and if I were purchasing them, I would most likely get them all. I have gotten a lot of use out of my older PixieDusts and I was very happy to see them come back. Nice one, Zoya!!

The Zoya Seashells collection is available now on

May 20, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 43!!

*Sent for review*

Hi everyone, hope you had a great week and are ready for a nice weekend! I know I am! Let's kick Friday off with some sparkly treats, like Lynnderella A Deeper CommitMint. A Deeper CommitMint is an aqua mint shimmer with iridescent blue sparks and holo aqua microglitter. This is so gorgeous, just the perfect shade of mint. The sparkle is beautiful too!

This is two coats. It was nicely opaque and pretty easy to apply. It looks a little textured in the photo below, but with one layer of top coat, it was smooth to the touch.

Lynnderella Goldilocks Rocks is a warm burnished gold holo nanoglitter with tons of pinky peach shimmer. In person, the effect of the peach shimmer with the gold is almost like a duochrome (you can kind of see that in the bottom part of the bottle in the picture above). It's SO cool! Very unique and different in my vast collection of gold glitters.

Two easy coats again and smooth with one layer of top coat!

 *Purchased by me*

I am starting to reswatch some older Lynnderellas that are still available for sale. Some of my very old swatches are not good and I would like to do justice to these lovelies. So I am including a few today and there will be more next week! Lynnderella Bird Brain Blue has a great milky blue translucent base with shiny and satin glitters in shades of blue, pink and green.

This is one coat of Bird Brain Blue over OPI It's a Boy. The glitter pieces are larger, so I find it easiest to use the dabbing method to apply this one.

*Purchased by me*

Lynnderella Six Geese Laughing is still a favorite of mine! This is such a gorgeous green glitter mix. The green is accented with red, gold and some blue glitters. I really love all the little green hex glitters surrounded by the larger accents. 

This is one coat over Revlon Posh. Very easy to apply!

*Purchased by me*

Lynnderella Mr. Pink has all sorts of pink glitters in a clear, pink-shimmered base. It also contains red, blue and some other assorted colors to make the pink really pop. This makes me remember that my first Lynnderella loves are her glitter toppers. I love her microglitters of course, but the toppers really steal my heart. She has a knack for combining some shapes and colors of glitters that I love!

This is one coat over OPI Mod About You. I applied this with the dabbing method too, as it has some large shapes.

All of these glittery goodies are available on right now!

May 16, 2016

Vapid Lacquer Pegasus Poots

*Purchased by me*

Happy Monday everybody *grumble grumble*. If it has to be Monday, at least I'm wearing this stunner- Vapid Lacquer Pegasus Poots. Pegasus Poots is a pastel lavender linear holo. It's so soft looking and gorgeous, and the holo is nicely prominent in brighter lighting. I bought this and the pastel turquoise holo Twerk-quoise at the same time back in the winter and have been saving them for spring sunshine! Krys's description of this polish cracks me up. She says " Sweet, light violet... with rainbows, marshmallows and butter creme frosting. Right? That's what it would smell like... I mean think about it. Pegasus eat cotton candy ...". I had the matching Nail Sauce (just used it up last week!) and it definitely smelled like rainbow candy, marshmallows and butter creme frosting! I love how she's making polishes and then Nail Sauce scents to match, so cute!!

This is two easy coats. The application was flawless, no patchiness and no clean up needed! Perfection!

I believe Vapid Pegasus Poots will be restocked in the shop this coming Saturday, May 21. There are lots of new goodies coming out then too, can't wait! For more restock info, check out Vapid's Facebook page.

May 13, 2016

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 42!

 *Sent for review*

Happy Friday!!!!! I have had a crazy week so I am especially glad it's Friday! And I absolutely LOVE every polish I'm showing you today, they make me so happy! Lynnderella We'd Love the Weeds is a bright grass green with chartreuse holo microglitter. It is a great yellow-leaning green and perfect for warm sunny days ahead! I love chartreuse polishes and this vivid holo glitter one is unique in my collection for sure.

This is two easy coats, although it was nearly opaque in one coat! It was a little thicker, but not hard to apply. I'm finding Lynnderella's newer polishes to be very opaque like this one, but a little thicker than older ones (but again, it applied quite nicely!).

This photo below is not color accurate at all, but I wanted to post it so you can see the holo glitter!

Lynnderella Vamp Stamp is a sultry black shimmer filled with red sparkles and tiny silver micro flakes. The little red nanoglitters make this one so special, they really pop out of the blackened base. This is a great edgy looking glitter!

This was two easy coats again! I did use two coats of top coat here to make it glossy and smooth.

 Different lighting to show the sparkles:

Lynnderella All At Sea with Amphitrite is a special edition polish from the Goddess series. If you remember, last year, Lynn had a zodiac series. This year she is making a polish every month inspired by a goddess. Amphitrite is a Greek goddess, the wife of Poseidon and the queen of the sea. Amphitrite the nail polish is an "intensely holographic pastel aqua with assorted holographic accents—starfish, nano starfish babies, lightening bolts and mini hearts". This polish is INSANELY holo in good lighting. Unfortunately, I took these pictures during the two weeks of gross rainy days we just had, so it's hard to see here. I got so many compliments when I wore this!

This is two coats and it was nicely opaque. Good formula too!

 Lynnderella A Dore La Rose is a beautiful rose gold shimmer with gold holo microglitter. It's a warm wash of golden pinky/almost peachy shimmer on your nails and the holo glitter pops out nicely too.

This is two coats of this one as well! I thought it would need more than that, since it is a shimmer, but it had nice coverage.

Most of these are available right now on If you're looking for All At Sea with Amphitrite, email to check on the availability of that or anything else!