September 25, 2021

China Glaze Havana Nights Summer 2021 Collection

*Purchased by me*

Alright I know summer is over and fall is here already, but I've been meaning to post these for weeks. I got  SO MUCH use out of the neons from the China Glaze Havana Nights collection this summer. I wore these colors repeatedly, so it's only right that I share them with you. And then we can move on to fall stuff.  China Glaze Cuba Diving is a bright neon sky blue. This was one of my favorite in the collection. It's so happy and fun. The formula is also absolutely fabulous. It only needs two coats max (I wore it in one coat sometimes when I was in a rush!). It applies smoothly and is a nice consistency. These are all neons, so I have one layer of shiny top coat on in all of these pictures, as they dry to a more satin finish.

China Glaze Left My Heart in Havana is a bright neon purple with pinky undertones. China Glaze has done this sort of color before and they happen to do it really well. Super fun and great summer color! The formula was very good for this one two. Two coats and nice application.

China Glaze Tropic Like It's Hot is a bright yellow green creme. My photos look a bit too green. It is more yellow in person, although it does have strong green undertones. I am so impressed with the formula of this one. Yellows in general and neons in general can have fussy formulas. Tropic Like It's Hot was easy to use and opaque in two coats! If you do thinner coats you may want a third, but I didn't need one. I did not have any trouble with this being streaky, it's very nice and smooth. My new favorite neon yellow green for sure!

I LOVE the color and shimmer of China Glaze Takes Two to Mango. The bright citrus orange pop with golden shimmer is so perfect! However, this is the only polish in the collection that had a bit of a weird formula. It was a little on the thick side and also applied unevenly. I did still wear it a lot because the color was really worth the effort. With a good layer of top coat, it all smoothed out nicely anyway.

China Glaze Guava Mama is my second favorite in the collection and my new #1 pink polish ever. It's such a bright, saturated neon pink with a hint of coral. It makes me happy just looking at it! The formula was excellent for this one too. Two coats, very easy application. 

The final polish in the collection is China Glaze Head to Moji-toes. I was originally going to skip that shade, but ended up purchasing it because I loved the rest of the collection so much. So I will be posting that one soon too! It's a darker neon turquoise and you definitely can rock it into the fall.

Did you get any of the China Glaze Havana Nights polishes? If you love neons like I do, they are definitely amazing! I got mine at Polish Pick.

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