June 13, 2021

Zoya Naked Manicure Rescue + Repair Kit Review

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Oh my word, an actual post on this blog 😲. Sorry for the total radio silence here, but I got a side job over the winter and it was a rough schedule. I am back and have several posts in the pipeline, starting off with this review of the Zoya Naked Manicure Rescue + Repair Kit. This is a great set for any manicure enthusiast and would make an excellent gift. The set comes in a nice quality pink zippered pouch and contains Zoya Gelie-Cure Rescue Serum, Genie-Cure Repair Base, a double-ended wooden cuticle pusher, and a file with different grit options. The pink bag is a really nice one, I plan to use it for my nail supplies while traveling (so happy traveling is a thing again!).

There are instructions included on how to prep your nails for the treatment using the file and cuticle pusher. After nails are prepped, you apply a small amount of the Rescue Serum to each nail and then a layer of the Repair Base. You don't wipe or wash off the serum before applying the base. In the drier months, I usually oil my nails before base coat, so this is sort of a similar concept.

I began using this kit in the dead of winter while working two jobs, both of which required me to use a lot of disinfecting products and hand sanitizer. My nails were not in great shape and my thumb nails were both peeling a lot (see below).

The next picture is the same nail after using the Rescue + Repair kit. Instantly about a million times better. I used this set so many times in the winter when I didn't have enough time to actually do a whole manicure but couldn't stand my bare nails anymore. It immediately makes my nails look healthy and shiny. It also seemed to prevent breakage and keep my nails feeling stronger and less dry.

I don't really have true before and after pictures for you with this set, due to the crazy schedule I was living. But I can honestly say that I used this set over and over again this winter. I am pretty sure I wore the repair base and rescue serum more than regular polish! Based on my experience, I can definitely recommend the Zoya Naked Manicure Rescue + Repair Kit if you want to instantly improve the appearance of your nails, as well as improve them in the long run. I will be giving some of these out as gifts to my friends who love manis, they are a great little set!

The Zoya Naked Manicure Rescue + Repair Kit is available now on Zoya.com

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