December 24, 2020

Christmas Nails 2020!


*Purchased by me*

Merry Christmas to all of my readers who celebrate! I hope you have a relaxing break and spend the time recovering from this year. I had some nail art planned originally for my Christmas nails, but honestly, it's 2020. I'm tired, I'm not going anywhere for Christmas, so low key glitter nails it is! The gorgeous shimmering ruby red base here is a new one of a kind polish from Lynnderella with the cutest hand drawn Santasaurus label! Getting this beauty in the mail also helped me change my mani plans for Christmas, couldn't resist trying it out. 

I also used Lynnderella Happy HoloDaze! on the middle and ring fingers, and a bit of loose glitter that came with the Santasaurus on my index finger. This red is my new favorite Christmas polish for sure and don't be surprised if you see it again for Valentine's Day!

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