August 15, 2018

Zoya Sunshine Summer 2018 Swatches and Review!

 *Sent for review*

I'm excited to show you the Zoya Sunshine collection today! This is a summer collection full of great warm weather hues, but there are a lot of colors that work well year round in here too. First up is Zoya Delia, a medium purple creme with both blue and pink undertones. Zoya describes this one as a "muted amethyst". I think the macro shot below is the truest representation of the color. The blue undertones came out more in certain lighting, but most of the time, this is a pretty neutral purple.

This was two easy coats. The cremes in the collection all seemed to be a great formula with full coverage in two coats.

There are two "Unicorn Kisses" holographic toppers in this collection. This one is Zoya Saldana, described as a "cotton-candy blue holographic topper with hints of pink and blue colored glitter". Zoya says you can wear this as a topper or alone, but I prefer it as a topper. I do like how I can see the strong pink shimmer when I wear it alone, very cool!

This is three coats of Saldana alone. It was easy to apply, but pretty sheer as you can see.

Here is two coats of Saldana (on middle nail) and one coat of Saldana (other three nails) over Delia. This makes a gorgeous topper over almost any color! I like it best with just one coat, but the two coats is very pretty too.

The glitter in Saldana sits pretty flat, so my nails feel fairly smooth with just one layer of top coat. It's not a really gritty or rough glitter at all.

Zoya Missy is described as "the perfect summer pink" creme. It's a nicely pigmented bubblegum pink creme. You can't go wrong with a great pink creme, although I'm not sure this color screams summer to me. I do like it a lot on my toes though!

This is two easy coats. The cremes in this collection are just so nice to apply. Full coverage is two coats, maybe even one if you're careful, and perfect consistency.

Missy's deeper hued sister, Zoya Sandy, is a blue toned, more saturated pink creme. If you are a pink creme lover, I bet you will be a fan of Sandy, Missy, or both!

This is two coats again, great formula!

I LOVE this combo of one coat of Saldana over Sandy. This was my favorite pairing with Saldana and I think I'll be wearing it often!

Of the pinks in this collection, I feel like Zoya Ellie is the most summery looking. Ellie is a bright blue toned magenta creme. It looks nice and bold, just what I like for summer. I think it will look beautiful on any skin tone as well. 

Same story here- 2 coats, lovely pigmentation!

Zoya Karen is another great color for summer, a bright poppy red creme. Sometimes I think red cremes look too holiday-isa, but this is bright enough for summer, yet will be classy and pretty year round.

Broken record time- 2 easy coats.

Now this does look a like a holiday combo, but I really like it! Zoya Nahla is the other "Unicorn Kisses" shade is the collection. Here I used one coat over all the nails except the ring nail, which has two coats. It is buildable, so I wanted to show the difference between one and two coats.

Zoya Marigold is described as a "bright and dazzling micro-shimmer red in a full coverage formula". I would really call this an orange, or at least an orange-y red, but the orange tones probably come from the golden shimmer. The shimmer glows out of the polish, kind of makes me think of a summer campfire.

This is three coats of Marigold. The shimmers in the collection were a bit less pigmented than the cremes, but no less easy to apply. If my nails were shorter, I would imagine two coats would have been perfect.

Zoya Virginia (my mom's name, yay!) is a gorgeous coral red creme. I am such a sucker for coral anything. Virginia is a perfect mix of red, orange and a hint of pink. Coral is pretty much the most summery color, in my opinion, so this one is a hit for me.

You know what I'm going to say- two coats!

Zoya Minnie is a salmon pink coral creme. This is a really pretty color, I can't think of anything quite like it in my collection. I think everything similar is either too pink or too orange. Minnie is a very interesting shade of pink, I kinda love it!

Two coats again and same great formula.

Zoya Clementine is described as a "salmon toned coral with a pink and orange micro-shimmer". It's almost a tan leaning pink and the shimmer has a nice warm golden tone. 

This was three coats, like the other shimmer in the collection. Depending on your application, this could definitely be a two coater, it was more pigmented than the other shimmer.

Zoya Jack is a bisque colored creme, as Zoya says- "perfect to match your morning latte". This is nice creamy shade, maybe not very summery, but it will come in handy any time of the year.

Two coats and great application. This self-leveled really nicely and looks so smooth on the nails.

I love this combination too- Jack with one coat of Nahla!

Here is Zoya Nahla alone. It's a nice gold glitter topper. It is buildable, but I personally wouldn't wear it alone. I like it best over the other polishes in this collection!

This is three coats of Nahla and you can see a lot of VNL. But it is pretty smooth and the glitter isn't chunky at all.

I like the Sunshine collection, especially Virginia and Ellie. I will say, I was missing a blue or green (or maybe both) shade in a summer collection. Zoya does lovely blues and greens, so I wished they had taken one of the pink shades out and exchanged it with a nice ocean hue. You can't go wrong with the formulas in this collection though, especially the cremes!

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