December 8, 2017

2017 Lynnderella Advent Polishes, Part 1!

*Sent for review*

It's the most wonderful time of the year- Lynnderella Advent season! I love Lynnderella's tradition of releasing Advent polishes, it's a fun countdown to Christmas every year. This year she decided to release them a little earlier than the actual day so that if you buy one, you can have it in time to wear on the actual date. First up is Lynnderella 12-6-17 Rose Brûlée. This was actually my Thanksgiving day mani, it felt festive and fun for the day. Rose Brûlée is a gorgeous vampy plum shimmer with brighter pink shimmer. It really glows from within and looks kind of burnt around the edges. Love it!

This is two coats of Rose Brûlée and one layer of top coat. Look at that sexy smolder!

This stunning holographic blue treat is Lynnderella 12-2-17 Over the River. Lynnderella describes this as a "holographic blue microglitter with vivid cyan metallic flakes". It's a really electric shade of blue, and despite the fact that I have many many blue glitters in my collection, this stands out from the crowd thanks to it's brightness and how much the holo flare really pops.

Application for this one was really perfect too. It was so easy to apply and totally opaque in two coats. Could even be a one coater if you do slightly thicker coats than I do. I used two layers of top coat just to accentuate the shine, it is pretty smooth with one layer.

The ultimate in holiday glitter polish, Lynnderella 12-4-17 Hollo-Grammy! is a silver holo nanoglitter with red and green accents, as well as red and green shimmer. It is so festive looking and will definitely be part of my Christmas mani! I know some people like non-traditional holiday colors and that's fine, but I do like a good silver with red and green for the occasion.

This is two coats and one layer of top coat. It is nice and smooth since it's nanoglitter and it was very easy to apply.

Lynnderella 12-8-17 Making MerriMint is a pretty soft mint shimmer with pink holo microglitter accents. This reminds me of salt water taffy or something, it makes me think of mint candy! The pink accents in this are very cute and make it more unique.

This is three thin coats. The first coat seemed pretty sheer, but then by the second coat it really started to build up. I'm wearing this as a full mani right now and only did two coats, just slightly thicker ones than I did in this swatch. One layer of top coat and you're good to go.

Lynnderella brought the festive with this one! Lynnderella 12-10-17 Kissmas Party is a "multiglitter topper made with green, red, silver and gold glitters, holographic microglitter, metallic and matte red lips. Clear base with shifty green shimmer". It's a fun mix of glitter and just perfect as a topper to make any color feel like Christmas.

This is one coat of Kissmas Party over Making MerriMint. It was easy to get a good selection of glitters and a nice even coating of holo microglitter. I didn't get any of the lip glitter in this swatch, but I have one on my thumb right now! The glitters in this lay pretty flat, so I just used one layer of top coat.

Lynnderella 12-12-17 First Night is a great mix of holo microglitter, circle glitter in gold, white, and various blue shades, and beautiful four pointed stars in two different sizes. When layered over a dark color, it really gives the impression of a night sky. The mix of colors in this is very pretty and would look fantastic over a wide variety of base colors. I can really see this over a baby blue creme too.

 This is just one coat of First Night over OPI C.I.A. Color Is Awesome. It was easy to apply and I didn't have to fish for any of the larger glitters. Again, the glitters lay pretty flat, so I just used one layer of top coat.

Lynnderella Advent polishes are available now in her eBay store. If you don't see what you're looking for in the store, you can always email to check on availability.

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