November 3, 2017

Lynnderella Friday, Vol. 81!

 *Sent for review*

Today I have some gorgeous new Lynnderellas that are exclusive to the Lynnderella Glitter Fairies Facebook group. This is an amazing group full of kind, caring people and zero drama (unlike many Facebook nail polish groups). It is a closed group, but if you are interested in joining, please just send me an email at Lynnderella A Penny for a Dime is a gorgeous coppery pink shimmer with holo silver nano glitter. This isn't a harsh orange rust  copper, more like a like glowing sunset copper, thanks to all the pink shimmer.

This is two coats. Application was great! Nice and smooth, very pigmented. It was also perfectly smooth and glossy with one layer of top coat.

UGH this is my new favorite polish, so STUNNING!!!! You all know I love gold polish anyway, and Lynnderella Squirrelly is a fine example of gold glitter done spectacularly. Lynnderella describes Squirrelly as a "tan holographic microglitter with shifty shimmer". This glitter is like a warm buttery gold, not too yellow gold though, definitely more like a neutral gold. It is SO sparkly, like Lynn used extra sparkles in this one. I will definitely be getting heavy usage out of this.

Best part of all- this is two effortless coats and only one layer of top coat. Love it!!

Lynnderella Fuchsia Berry is a pretty blackened purple-y fuchsia microglitter. It has a smokey look to it, it's not like a bright fuchsia. There is some shifty kind of pink shimmer in here too, so it can look different in different lighting situations.

This is two coats with two layers of top coat. It was easy to apply and a nice consistency.

OMG will you look at this color right here??? Lynnderella Bluegasm is described as a "vivid periwinkle shimmerella with intense multishimmer and a pinch of silver holographic nanoglitter". It is a very saturated and vivid shade for sure and the multishimmer shifts pink. Absolutely gorgeous and one of the best blue/periwinkle shades I own! This is one of those rare polishes that I wore almost immediately upon receiving it. It was on my toes for about a week and then I wore it as a mani too. I think I'll be wearing it for my birthday mani this year too!

Two coats!!! Almost a one coater if you are careful! And it's nice and smooth since it is mostly shimmer and a touch of nano glitter, so only one layer of top coat is needed. A++++++++. 10/10 would recommend.

OK so remember, the only place to get these treats is in The Glitter Fairies Facebook group. If you want to join, please email me and we can chat!! Other beautiful Lynnderella polishes are available at lynnderella.com, and Amazon.

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