December 14, 2013

SinfulColors SinfulShine Devious

 *Purchased by me*

Pretty much every week, I like to wander around Walgreens after work on Wednesdays. I get out of work a little earlier on Wednesdays and there is a Walgreens that can be on my way home if I don't take the highway (there are actually 2 Walgreens, 2 CVS's and a Rite Aid I can hit on the "way home" on Wednesdays LOL). But anyway, on my most recent trip, my goal was to get a SinfulColors SinfulShine red that would be perfect for the holidays. SinfulColors Devious clearly fits the bill! Devious is a bright true red that actually looks red on the first coat, not pink like some red cremes. Like it's relatives in the SinfulShine line, it is SUPER shiny without top coat. All swatches here are shown with no top coat.

This is two coats of Devious. The pigmentation was excellent. It might be able to be a one-coater if you tend toward thicker coats. The formula was a tad bit thinner than some SinfulShines I've tried, but not hard to work with.

*Purchased by me*

SinfulColors Devious is available at a Walgreens near you!

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