June 20, 2011

Oldie, but Goodie: Color Club Volt of Light

Color Club Volt of Light is from the Summer 2009 Electro Candy collection. Electro Candy was a really great collection of shimmery neons. Back when this was released, I picked up Volt of Light and an orange called Tangerine Scream, which I'll be showing you later this week. This collection also contained a neon pink, purple, green and blue, along with a "Vivid Intensifying Top Coat".

Now, I purchased this polish because I saw the lovely Scrangie's swatches. She stated that she used three coats of this polish and topped it off with the Vivid Intensifying top coat. I did not buy the top coat, but it must be amazing, because three coats of this lacquer on my tips is crazy sheer. It looked nothing like Scrangie's! You can imagine that I was disappointed at first, but now I layer it over a white polish, which works quite well. These three pictures are two coats of a Color Club white from a Halloween mini set under two coats of Color Club Volt of Light.

This was a very confusing polish for my camera. The closest I could get to the actual color is in the very first picture at the top there. I also had to color correct that picture in editing, which explains why I have very red hands. Volt of Light is a bright NEON yellow with lots of pretty, almost duochrome-like shimmer. I know my pictures don't look very neon! This polish also tends to look more neon without the white underneath, but I find I need about five coats for it to be acceptable-looking (for me anyway). So... bottom line, I LOVE this color. I do wish it was less sheer though. But Victoria's Nail Supply has the whole Electro Candy collection, including the Vivid Intensifying top coat! Maybe I'll pick up the top coat and see if it intensifies!

Color Club Volt of Light is available online at Victoria's Nail Supply.

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